1143 Light General Overhaul.

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    Today at Crymlyn A Shop 1143, a locomotive built under contract for the Peckett locomotive Company a few years ago, has retuned for a service, clean and repaint.
    Dai the Paint touches up some paintwork while our foreman has been discussing its progress with Owen the Spanners.
    Percy Veerance is doing something at the rear of the locomotive while some of the girls from the local leisure centre inspect Baldrick's wheelbarrow.
    When Arwel ap Iolo Pain finishes his newspaper he will fit the new glass to the rear cab spectacles.
    359 "ORLA", 679 and No.1 "HERCULES" are also visible resting on shed after their exertions in Graig Wen Colliery at the W.W.O.G. show in Carmarthen last Saturday.