1361 First Service.

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    1361 heads towards the coal loading shed at Graig Wen Colliery for the early morning shunt.
    It is just out of Crymlyn A Shop after a light overhaul.
    1361 is a brass rtr product from San (Randolph) Chang sold under the Tower Models brand.
    Correct smoke box door fitted and painted by Chris Basten of Dragon Models.
    Lightly weathered by Barry Oliver. Apparently there were only 150 produced.

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    I've got one of them as well. Lovely little locos suitable for small shunting layouts like my under construction one.
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    There was a problem with it when new, some solder paste has set on one of the rear springs stopping it from compressing and the centre wheels were actually off the floor. The solder was carefully removed from the locating pin and then it worked Ok.
    I’m building up quite a collection of small shunting locos.
    So far:
    1361, 1142, 1144, 1143, 1338, 1140, Hercules, 679, 359 Hilda, 29 & 1147. There’s pictures of most of them on this site.
    1361 is the only rtr, the others I’ve built from kits.
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    Yes, I've had a few minor problems with odd things falling off, but soon fixed. Mine is No.1363 (shedded at 83D) and is DCC and sound fitted, both by TOWER MODELS. It was painted and weathered by them as well. Don't know who does that for them, but whoever it was they made a very good job of it. Overall an excellent model (and very heavy)!

    Interested to see your comment about the smoke box door. Do you have a photograph showing that for comparison purposes?

    Pleased to see as well that I'm not the only one that has a collection of small shunting locomotives.
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    it’s difficult to get a clear shot with my phone’s camera but will try with my slr and macro lens if you want. The door is flat at the outside and only dishes out nearer the centre. The model is fitted with a fully dished out door while the prototype had possibly a Dean style door.
    4D71E46E-A980-4A28-83F8-BF0196AFB73F.jpeg 4D71E46E-A980-4A28-83F8-BF0196AFB73F.jpeg
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    Thanks for that. I can see the difference to my model but think I will leave it as is.
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    I made mine by pressing and fitting a turned ring:


    Before (left) and after
    I have written a description, in captioned pictures, of how I did it on my GWR 1361 class webpage.

    It was a fun exercise and I learnt a bit because I'd not made one quite like this before.

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    I’ve read your article on your 1363 and I was unclear about the open gearbox as mine has a plate covering the bottom with Tower Brass on it. I’m guessing that Tower had it fitted to the models they supplied. You said that you had yours from Randolph so perhaps it was removed or never fitted. I can post a picture if you like. I like the suspension you fitted to the centre axle as the model will rock on this if you press on either end but I’ve not noticed it when running.