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    I have trawled through the drawings we are a little closer Drawing number 1260??, lot 215 rings a bell. I will look at work tomorrow, I planned the trip in the lunch breaks and will need to see the email traffic.

    You can get the drawing copied, there is a cost and you are allowed for private research, so a scratchbuild would be fine. The drawing contained side elevations, plan views front and back elevations as well. The tanks on 1638 I think have been renewed, as has been mentioned, the radius of the tanks looks a little bigger, there is nothing on the drawing giving a rad, the front plating has also been simplified as it should go around the front tank step.

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    I have looked at the NRM list again and think I have found the right drawings. The trick was searching for 1600 and Lot 381, instead of 16xx which seems to have been used by the cataloguers to describe untitled early drawings.

    I think the useful drawings will be -

    Roll Drawing No. Date Title
    136 126010 1948/05 Erecting Plan for Lot 381
    136 126011 1949/02 General Arrangement for Lot 381
    014 126047 1948/07 Arrangement of Smokebox
    245 126049 1948/03 Welded Pannier Tanks for 0-6-0T engine - Lot 381

    Other drawings which probably aren't so useful are listed as follows
    215 126011 1948/02 GA Lot 381 - [Superseded drawing by later version above]
    026 B81 1948/05/19 1600 class 0-6-0T Engine diagram
    510 128489 nd. Max Cross Section, 1600 class Diag B81
    Also some curve diagrams etc.

    It looks like a full set of drawings would have been 126010 to 126050 or more. Lot 381 covered numbers 1600 to 1629. There don't seem to be any additional drawings for Lots 389 and 417.
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    I tried to look at my email traffic unsuccessfully today, I may have deleted it, it was Sept 2015! how time flies.

    Without a doubt the drawing is Lot 381, Erecting Plan, dated May 1948, 1260?? That is the one I viewed and took photo's of.

    I will keep looking.

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    Thank you very much indeed for posting all these very useful photos. They will no doubt come in very handy when I start my next loco project, which is to build an old Cotswold whitemetal kit in 4mm scale, albeit with a modern (Branchlines/Justin Newitt) etched chassis.

    Living close to the South Devon Railway, I've been able to get detailed photos of 57XX and 64XX types, but the K&ESR is just too far away for a casual visit!
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    Had a crack at drawing 16xx wheels - based merely on your photos. If you thought this might be of use, brass castings could be arranged - that you would need to turn and fit tyres.

    First iteration shown using : 5-1/2" wide tyres, 9" crank throw. Dimensions can easily be tweaked.

    49.5inch 12 spoke wheel.jpg

    Brian McK.
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    That looks good and thanks for the offer. Making and fitting tyres is not a problem (I have metres of suitable steel rod) but I am not sure I want to spend the time on wheels for this loco. This was meant to be a quickish model of a loco I like but it is not really a necessity for any current projects. I will have to think about having some cast, especially having seen the image compared with the flat backed pin-in-line Slaters wheels. Maybe I should turn the Slaters wheels down to S7 and see how they look, or work out an alternative use for them. I won't be able to do anything for the next month as I am lecturing 2 full days a week as well as keeping the rest of my work going.