1934 Fowler diesel shunter debut

Discussion in 'Talk' started by Osgood, 25 June 2019.

  1. Osgood

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    In case anyone locally is interested, this little critter (JF20337 of 1934) will be a debutante hauling passengers at the Mid Suffolk Light Railway's first 'Diesel Day' coming Sunday (30th June).
    Visit Us & What's on - Mid-Suffolk Light Railway Museum
    Her first train should be at mid day. Best bring a book for the short journey - she doesn't exactly race along :)


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  2. AJC

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    Wonderful to see, Tony.

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  3. BrushType4

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    Count me in.
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  4. Osgood

    Osgood Western Thunderer

    Quick update - just heard that the first train with Fowler is planned for after lunch.
    And yes - I too wonder what time lunch ends!
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  5. BrushType4

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    It’s alive!!

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  6. BrushType4

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    Tony (@Osgood) it was good to see you today. The Fowler was pristine. Now to work out how to alter my Ixion version.
  7. Osgood

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    Phil's photo shows initial station pilot activities, but she was later let loose on the top passenger link :)
  8. Osgood

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    Likewise Phil.

    If you need access to an outline G.A. there is one here you can inspect - alternatively head over one Friday evening and have a measure up and a beer in the Kitchener Arms coach (probably best done in that order......).

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  10. BrushType4

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    I surveyed the site for suitability for a Tesco Depot and I was amazed how much track was down and looking like it’s was useable.

    I think Tony mentioned his loco may be going back to SWC for a gala next year by the developer on the original rails.
  11. BrushType4

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    Sounds like a plan. I’ll try and encourage the wife along too with the dogs.
  12. Osgood

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    Yes Dave - this is the very (only) one. Hence the livery, faithful to the original works photo.
    Prior to 1934 they used a Model T truck with ballast body on rail wheels.
    Surprisingly, given the footbridge from platforms crossing over the sidings, only 6 photos (mostly poor) have surfaced of the loco at the factory.

    The factory opened just before the National Strike causing delivery problems, the company resolving thereafter to deliver 50% of its output by road.
    The rest went out in standard railway vans - the 4mm RTR Shredded Wheat liveried model vans (Colman's Mustard style) are believed to be fictional.
    All grain came in by rail for a long while until that too gradually switched to road and by 1977 the rail system had been abandoned.
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  13. Osgood

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    Hopefully part of the Welwyn Garden City Centenary celebrations. The town was designed by Louis De Soissons - as was the factory in 1926.
    Six of the silos and the production hall are listed and the developer has chosen to retain the adjacent inset sidings and points in the form of a piazza as a marker of its industrial past.

    Home - The Wheat Quarter
  14. eastsidepilot

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    Great restoration on the loco Tony, sorry I couldn't get there on Sunday, ( Granddaughter duty down and back from Essex ).

    ATB, Col.