7mm 350hp shunter for Millicent Street

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    Some of you will have seen the layout thread on Millicent Street that our group are building. Well, last November saw the first loco kits purchased from Laurie at JLTRT. They were a 2-8-0 WD and a cl.08 shunter. This week has finally seen me start the 08 kit. A few hours earlier in the week saw me wash and clean the various parts and today saw me spend a hour or so making the cab interior.
    When finished, it will represent D3675, a loco which spent all it's life in Hull. The build won't be quick as this is the first 7mm loco I will have built and I don't want to wreck it!
    Anyhow, this is how my bench currently looks with the kit spread out.


    And this is how the cab looks


    As the build progresses, I'll post updates. As ever, all advice and guidance welcome.

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    I'm looking forward to this as I am soon to build an early 08 kit from MMP.

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    JLTRT - there was a hint in the OP;)
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    Hmmph, so there is! ;)
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    D 3675 had wooden cab doors, does the kit come with both types (wood / steel) doors or do you have to specify when ordering?
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    Excellent point, there are a few other visible detail differences between the 'major' batches to catch the unwary, specifically, bonnet doors, footplate style and as you already note, cab doors, some locos mix and match but generally they follow the basic batches.

    3004 - 3336/340 Exact change over not yet established
    Phase I footplate with valance aka steam engine style
    Original engine doors with strapped hinges
    Wooden cab door

    3336/340 - 3861/68
    Phase I footplate
    Revised engine doors with stamped panels and no straps for hinges.
    Wooden cab door

    3861/68 - 4192
    Phase II footplate rolled edges and valance part of footplate / seamless join.
    Revised engine doors
    Metal cab doors

    Metal cab doors can also be found on older locos where replaced.

    Here's a nice image that shows the two types of footplate, early on the left, modified on the right.

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    David - the kit does come with both wooden and metal doors. When ordering the kit, you only need to specify if you want a compressor fitted 08 or not.

  9. Tappa

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    Mickoo -thanks for the links

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    A small point, IIRC the levers in the cab are duplicates and would point in the same direction on both sides of the cab, I can't remember if the connecting rods were above the desk or below it on the 08s.

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    I think you may be right, I'm fairly sure when I've worked on them the power and direction levers work in unison via linkages under the desk, I can double check on Tuesday if required. The brake lever connecting rods are above the desk, except the one behind the gauges LOL

    Note there is only one master engine on/start lever and the handle should face away from the engine as the cam rotation is clockwise, you can insert the lever from the engine side but when rotated it will impact the power handle, it looks like JLTRT have cast that lever and it looks to be facing forward. The arrow shows the direction that the lever should preferable be inserted in and also points to the relevant setting when rotated.
    This loco still has what I understand is the safety plunger fitted just to the left of the master/ engine on lever. If the lever is fitted from the engine side then the plunger will release when the lever is rotated due to the shape of the lever base.

    This loco has no safety plunger and the lever can be fitted either way and can be started with a large spanner ;)...Guilty m'Lord!

    One other small point, the power levers work in opposite rotations, both face forward when off, but the left side (drivers) rotates anticlockwise for power application, whilst that on the right (fireman) rotates clockwise to apply power.

    Jeff, from your cab image I think you may have the right side power and direction levers back to front.

    To be honest, this is all minutia that is barely visible, so rule #1 applies.....it's my trainset....:thumbs: Which reminds me, I must get back to MMP one and start fabricating some plate work under the rear buffer beam and work on the brake rod linkages ;)

    I didn't even know JLTRT made an 08 so it'll be interesting to see the body castings and such.
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  12. Pannier Tank

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    The following is a list of variations for the Class 08, there are bound to be a few anomalies so photographic evidence should be sourced to be sure.
    Class 08 Shunter variations.
    Bonnet Access Doors
    Long Hinges were fitted up to 08266 (D3336) & 08369 (D3454) to 08387 (D3472).
    Short Vertical Handles were fitted from 08177 (D3245) onwards.

    Cab Doors

    Wooden Cab Doors were fitted up to 08704 (D3871). Steel Cab Doors were fitted from 08705 (D3872) onwards.

    08 858 was involved in an accident during 1978 and received the cab from 08 090 with Wooden Doors but retaining Steel Droplights.
    08 887 was involved in an accident during 1986 and received the cab from 08 159 with Wooden Doors but retaining Steel Droplights.

    Cab Droplights

    Wooden Droplights were fitted up to
    (D3136) & 08149 (D3217) to 08156 (D3224)

    Steel Droplights were fitted to: -
    08102 (D3137) to 08148 (D3216) & 08157 (D3225) to 08958 (D4192)

    All Locomotives were built with a Vacuum Exhauster Cabinet on LHS.
    The following Locomotives also had an identical Cabinet on RHS: -

    08001 (D3004) to 08176 (D3244)
    08545 (D3709) to 08560 (D3727) 08571 (D3738) to 08595 (D3762)
    08606 (D3773) to 08639 (D3806) 08656 (D3823) to 08958 (D4192)

    The following Locomotives were built without the RHS Cabinet although some may have had them fitted when later Dual / Air Braked: -

    08177 (D3245) to 08544 (D3708)
    08561 (D3728) to 08570 (D3737)
    08596 (D3763) to 08605 (D3772)

    08640 (D3807) to 08655
    (D3822) 08641,08649 & 08651 confirmed with RHS Cabinet

    Air / Dual Braking
    Locomotives retrofitted with Dual Brakes (Vac/Air) had an additional Cabinet for an Air Compressor fitted between the Fuel Tank and
    the Battery Box on the LHS only.

    Running Plate
    Up to 08698 (D3865) the running plate had a lip at the top and a fillet that projects downwards at the rear end of the running plate to the
    buffer beam, 08699 (D3866) onwards did not have either feature, the running plates were plain and had no fillet to the rear buffer beam.

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    Hull........I'd have said an 03 would be needed.
  14. Tappa

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    A cl. 14 is more pressing! If only Heljan would get their finger out. Although Hull had 03's, they seem quite camera shy and tended to be used either at Paragon station on pilot duties or other minor shunting - don't think they were used on trip freights which is what Millicent Street will see. Unless of course, anyone can say otherwise....
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    OMG David, You have toooooooo much time on your hands !!. :)):))

    Steve :cool:
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    Hi Jeff,

    Cant help with what they actually did, they weren't doing anything when I saw them (it was a Sunday) but at least its a picture!



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    More useful for tripping with a higher speed.
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    Just to confirm, all handles on the control desk are interlinked, the master controller and direction levers are interlinked with each other and with their corresponding levers on the other side of the desk.

    When one lever moves, so does the other via fiendish Victorian linkages and interlocks under the desk, it's a long time since I've seen or worked on pure mechanical interlocks before :eek: these days it's all PLC driven; diagnosed and over ridden by laptop, not big screw drivers and Jimmy bars ;)
  19. Tappa

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    All levers now changed! One question that has been bugging me for a while, is what colour was the cab interior painted? All modern pictures plus those of "preserved" loco's seem to differ. The best picture I have for the period is a black and white one that appeared in the Modern Locomotives Ilustrated issue on 08's.

    Andy - nice shot of BG which also illustrates nicely the effect of the carriage washer!
  20. mickoo

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    Jeff, all of ours (and we've had a few with rentals and swaps over the years) have light grey cab walls and roofs, the control desk is black, other fittings vary in colour dependant on how bored the painter was ;).