7mm GWR Pagoda Hut kit...

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  1. LarryG

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    I have constructed this Intentio kit for a GWR Pagoda kit to assist others and also act as review. As usual with this manufacturer, the parts were a precision fit. Below is a real one...

    WEB Pagoda hut 1.jpg

    I first of all built the basic internal box on the floor provided using UHU Wood Glue from a tube...
    WEB Pagoda hut 2.jpg

    Before the walls had set, I placed the ceiling in position (BUT NOT GLUED) just to ensure everything would fit together again once it had been removed later on...
    WEB Pagoda hut 3.jpg

    The roof spine was assembled and the PVA glue left to partially set for 5 minutes...
    WEB Pagoda hut 4.jpg

    Then the roof spine was glued into the slots in the ceiling...
    WEB Pagoda hut 5.jpg

    Then followed the four corners struts...
    WEB Pagoda hut 6.jpg

    The corrugated skin was glued to the front of the building with Evostik Impact and pressed into position while the glue was wet to allow for movement. It is vital at this stage to ensure this skin lines up perfectly with the top and bottom of the building and the window apertures...
    WEB Pagoda hut 7.jpg

    Using the same process, follow this with the two end walls...
    WEB Pagoda hut 8.jpg

    .....And finally the back wall. This corrugated card is precision cut and will line up perfectly at the corner...
    WEB Pagoda hut 9.jpg

    To be continued...
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  2. LarryG

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    Corrugated roof time...

    Each roof section was held at an angle to the workbench and the brass handle of a Kraft knife gently moved back and forth until a curve was formed. Too much pressure will form a kink so be aware...

    WEB Pagoda hut 10.jpg

    I commenced with an end section glued in place with Evostik. Ensure there is an equal overlap of the walls....
    WEB Pagoda hut 11.jpg

    Evostik was applied to the forming struts and the corrugated roof put in place while the glue was wet. Having made an imprint on the card roof, draw it away from the truts but leave it attached to the wall. Allow the glue to dry for half a minute then press the roof back into position. Check that everything is square...
    WEB Pagoda hut 12.jpg

    With the roof on, I ran a bead of UHU wood glue along the joins and rubbed it into the join with the finger before removing the excess with a small screwdriver....
    WEB Pagoda hut 13.jpg WEB Pagoda hut 14.jpg

    The basic product ready for detailing...
    WEB Pagoda hut 15.jpg

    I intend having the doors open and so the internal strengthening ribs were attached to the outer corrugated skin with wood glue. Wood is provided to strengthen the doors if they are to be fixed in a closed position. There is also provision for making a hut without windows. This is as far as the kit goes.....
    WEB Pagoda hut 16.jpg

    I consider this to be a fine kit that makes sensible use of fine corrugated board, which I personally found much easier to use than plastic sheet. It is also self-supporting between formers.

    To be continued by adding further detail...
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  3. Focalplane

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    Thanks, Larry, for sharing this. I don't see the need for one in the centre of Birmingham but the corrugated board could be very useful on other buildings.
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  4. BrushType4

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    Plenty in stock!!
  5. LarryG

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    Beyond the kit...

    A scale 6 inch plank from 30thou Plastikard was glued on the front and two ends to take guttering....

    WEB Pagoda hut 17.jpg

    Guttering was made from 80 thou Plastikard by rounding off one edge before it was cut from the sheet. Then it was attached to the backing timbers with Mekpak...
    WEB Pagoda hut 18.jpg

    10 thou Plastikard was used for the tin ridge tile. The top of it is slightly higher than the corrugated roof and was glued on with Evostik...
    WEB Pagoda hut 19.jpg

    A piece of Evergreen 2.5mm diameter rod was glued on top with Mekpak...
    WEB Pagoda hut 20.jpg

    Half-round corner strips were made from 40thou Plastikard and attached with Evostik....
    WEB Pagoda hut 21.jpg

    I made the mistake of leaving the roof in place yesterday and stray PVA has glued it firmly in place! Thank goodness the glazing can be fitted from the outside. Finished ready for painting .....
    WEB Pagoda hut 22.jpg
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  6. LarryG

    LarryG Western Thunderer

    Some progress but the job has stopped while another is tackled....
    WEB Pagoda hut 23.jpg
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  7. LarryG

    LarryG Western Thunderer

    Precision Paint arrived this morning, so I set-to and finished off the Intentio pagoda hut.

    After painting and gluing on the doors, Plastikard hinges were set 5mm from the top of the doors and 9mm from the bottom using Loctite....
    WEB Pagoda hut 24.jpg
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  8. Focalplane

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    Well, Larry, that takes the biscuit!
  9. P A D

    P A D Western Thunderer

    As far as I'm concerned he can gave the whole tin!

    What about the finials and other fancy bits on the ridge? Does the kit provide anything for those - etchings maybe?
  10. LarryG

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    It is a kit in progress and I imagine it will be released as a complete kit in due course. The Pagoda was built from parts I was sent and I remarked where I have added the rest (as far as I can go). I would think a metal etching is is a necessity for the ridge. Photos in BR days show that not all Pagodas had finials, but then these buildings did differ quite a lot.
  11. BrushType4

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    Thanks Larry, you’ve done a cracking job on this build. The additional parts you’ve added really brings the kit together.