7mm Mk1 castings

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    This is what comes with the JLTRT
    Lost wax





    Corridor conections
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    You've lost me - the JLTRT what? Can you change the thread title to give us (me) a clue. Ta!
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    Title amended :)
    Hopefully someone, will post some of the others that are more freely available
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    What do you use to glue the end plates to the rubber corridor connections and the corridor connections to the cast ends?

  5. 28ten

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    I dont know yet :)) probably contact adhesive of some sort.
    Incidentally I have enough corridor connections for seven coaches, but I will only use them on the end of the rake so I will have some up for grabs at less than retail http://www.justliketherealthing.co....gauge-corridor-connectors-p-185.html?cPath=15
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    I'll have em. PM sent.
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    Cynric, you have provided some photos of parts which come with JLTRT Mk.1 kits. Which kits? I ask because I cannot see:-

    a) door handles;
    b) guard's / luggage handles;
    c) fittings for inside the Guard's office.

    regards, Graham
  8. 28ten

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    It is the general casting that comes with all of them. There might be some other handles in there somewhere ill have a look.
    The guards is an SDK available separately

    In line for replacement so far are the vac cylinders, train alarm, and possibly the vents (i need to check). The battery boxes need a bit of cleaning up and if the resin ones look acceptable i'll use them for the sake of speed.
  9. Dog Star

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    To add to the story... here is the content of the fittings kit for the EZB BFK. The photo does not include either the etches (see the EZB web-site for details and photo of etch layout - in the instructions) or the corridor connections.

    EZB BFK fittings.jpg

    Top row - the bogie bearing plate and screw (LHS) and roof retaining nut and screw (RHS).

    Centre row - vac cyl with integral trunnion plus DA valve (LHS), buffers (centre) and dynamo (RHS).

    Bottom row - battery boxes/fuse box/regulator (LHS), roof vents/water fillers (centre) and door handles (RHS)

    Quite a few differences to the JLTRT fittings - looks like a case of "which is best?".

    Anyone any idea as to a supplier of vents which are not solid under the cover?

    regards, Graham
  10. 28ten

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    I'd rather have mine than yours!
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  11. Dog Star

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    Clearly - the question is... what can be done with an EZB kit at £100 against a JLTRT kit at around £220-240.

    To be fair, the MMP kit can, with time, effort and skill, produce the bees knees in terms of a Mk.1 carriage with BR1 bogies. In my case I do not consider that I have the skill to do justice to the MMP Mk.1 kits... and I do want B4 and Commonwealth bogies. So the EZB kits represent an opportunity to build Ml.1 carriages to a form suitable for the 1980s.
  12. Dog Star

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    I agree about the JLTRT vac cyls., Brian Daniels (over there) has written that the correct vac-cyl casting for Mk.1 carriages can be found in the Mk.1 BG kit (or was that Mk1. GUV kit?). Brian says that he advised Laurie of the desirability of changing the Mk.1 packing list. Maybe you ought to try Laurie before looking elsewhere. I think that the EZB vac cyl is usable although I think that the cast-in trunnions needs removal... and replacement by the JLTRT cast version.

    Brian Daniels has replaced the JLTRT passenger emergency communication cord fittings with parts supplied by CPL (available at the Reading Trade Show). If you are going for a number of sets then calling Pat might be worthwhile.

    Interesting that we agree on the vents. There were several styles fitted to Mk.1s over the years... shown in Parkin. I think that some research is required into suppliers and prototype styles is necessary. For example:- just when did the different types of vents come into use / fall out of favour?

    I think that we shall stick with the EZB buffers as our carriages will be run with raised buck-eye couplings. On the other hand, I like the look of the JLTRT water tank tops. The JLTRT dynamo / bracket looks better than the EZB version.

    Maybe other Mk.1 enthusiasts might like to offer opinions... especially with regard to the battery boxes, regulator, fuse box and other electrical equipment?

    regards, Graham
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    Just to say [as it does not say it on our web site]! - we can supply any of our Mk.1 kits WITHOUT our bogies for £40.00 discount so you can fit another type. Obviously you may have to mod. the replacement bogies' stretchers to acheive the correct ride height.

    David Parkins,
    Modern Motive Power
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    Putting the MMP kits aside for moment Graham, without a doubt the better of the two sets of castings are those supplied by JLTRT. The problem for them both though is attempting to provide a single set of castings for what were multiples of variants. I've found that at least with JLTRT some attempt is made a adding for example some detail to otherwise oddly shaped pieces of brass etc. in an effort to give a reasonable interpretation.

    As far as details goes, it's a classic case of if you wanted to get to there you wouldn't start from here. Not having built one I can't quote with any authority however it's clear if you really wanted to get to there, and time as with an element of skill wasn't an issue you would start with the MMP kits. Not every variant is covered withing the MMP kits - it would be unreasonable to expect to see every constructional change covered however you would at least be setting of from a far better starting position.

    As for the differences in roof ventilator - there were three basic types - here's the shortened version of a reply I made to a similar question on the BR Coaching Stock (Yahoo) Group...

    I would add however that despite these change dates, running stocks down often took some time and there was a fair overlap in the use of each style.

    Both of the sets of castings shown above are of the type first used in 1950-52 and again from 58-61 however if you access the files on the Yahoo group you'll find a fairly accurate list detailing from observations what vehicle lots were fitted with what type.


    p.s. Here's what the JLTRT/EZB vents should look like and a sectioned view showing the gap between the dome and the band covering it - I've not seen that detail in 7mm scale yet....

    BR Toprpedo Vent.png

    BR Torpedo Vent Cut.png
  15. djparkins

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    Fully understand. I just wanted to point out that the offer has always been there since both our ganwayed and non-corridor kits were released in 2006.

    Its the same kind of reson we sell the interiors as a separate add-on as they are virually a second coach body kit turned outside-in and are ideal if you are lightning the coach. Not everyone will want that level of internal detail, say in stock that runs around a garden railway in daytime only.

    For my own use I required a set of six Mk.1 suburbans that in winter would arrive in darkness and also stand in a platform for 30-40 minutes in winter evening light prior to their departure - making lighting essential - and with a lot of time to see what is inside!


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  16. tomstaf

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    Hi Bob,

    That was all very helpful:thumbs: But, still being a bit clueless when it comes visually identifying them, can you tell what type this one is?

    MK1 roof vent.jpg


  17. Bob Reid

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    It's the hooded August 60' on- version of the one shown in the images above - they re-designed the hood to extend it down over the sides.... and the last style of mk1 roof ventilator of the three used....


    p.s. Tomorrow evening I'll post on a seperate thread images of all three types if it'll help.
  18. tomstaf

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    Thanks Bob,

    Posting the separate types would be great. If you could do one for roe-vac vents on the MK2s and MK3s too that'd be even better:)


  19. Bob Reid

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    Fraid not Tom, I've nothing accurate on them...

  20. tomstaf

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    Hi Bob,

    Do you know the metric dia of the last type of roof vent please?