7mm Palbrick B kit

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    Hi all,

    Would anyone be interested in these kits. I have built the 4mm version and they are an excellent kit. The 7mm version will be an etches only offering. Please see the details and photos in the following link.
    Palbrick B Diagram 1/024 in 7mm scale

    Stay safe everybody,
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    They do look interesting - something slightly different. I'm not aware of any other versions available in 7mm. What sort of price are we talking about for the etches? It looks like they would be quite amenable to building with Scale7 wheelsets.
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    Hi Adrian,

    They will be approx. £46.50 plus P&P. I do not have any experience with scale 7 wheels but do not think they would be an issue. Maybe someone with scale 7 experience might be able to help. There is a degree of compensation with the design of the springs and axle boxes.

    All the best
  4. Mudhen

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    I've ordered a couple which will be built with S7 wheelsets. From looking at the photos of the etches I can't see any real issues with doing this, it might be that I change the W irons for sprung or compensated units but lets see first.
    all the best
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    Hi Tim
    I've just checked my emails and the message system on RMWeb but can't see a request from you anywhere. I'm happy to put you on the list if you would like a couple but can you message me or email me on ian(at)nmacdonald.co.uk needless to say you need to change (at) for @.

    There shouldn't be any issues fitting S7 wheels and as the bearings sit in slots held in by a retainer, fitting compensation shouldn't be an issue. If you want to see any more photos of the build, let me know and I'll post a few.

  6. LarryG

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    I'm not ready for building anything just yet apart from a layout(!), but I will be keeping an eye on this. I only recently mentioned the Palbrick wagon to a contact in one of the major rtr companies, but I have gone back to 7mm since then.
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    Just in case it's of any help to know.......

    There is a B462772 - BR 16T Palbrick B wagon - Diagram 1/026. Built at Ashford in 1959 at the GCR. I understand (but as with all things may be wrong) that it's unique. There's certainly been a huge amount of work gone in to returning it to its original configuration as I seem to remember (but again may be wrong) that it was converted to a barrier wagon at some time. Right now I'm uncertain which yard it's in but if of interest I'm sure the railway would check for you. However, for obvious reasons, access is somewhat limited right now but if the wagon is in Quorn Yard it may be available for inspection.

    While I'm here I'll mention that the GCR is trying to raise funds because of the effects of Covid 19 on revenue. A bridge needs replacing and there are other maintenance issues with which to deal. Have a look at the web site of it's of interest.

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    For more: British Railways Palbrick Wagons but there is also: B462709. Confusingly, there were Palbrick Bs on both 10' wb Morton brake chassis (per the kit) and on BR 8 shoe AVB 10' wb chassis, per the two preserved examples. Palbrick A all had Morton, B a mixture and C 8 shoe only. The difference was in body dimensions. I have a selection of these - scratchbuilt -round about half done in the box file of doom in 4mm.

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    Here is some text from the kit instructions which you might find useful. Most of this was written by Tim Shackleton for me when he did a test build of the 4mm version.

    In 1950 BR had built three experimental brick wagons on the chassis of redundant Medfits. They had four-plank dropside doors and steel ends and were not a great success – they soon passed over to the engineers. After this false start the first proper Palbrick wagons, designed specifically to handle pallets rather than loose bricks, were built in 1957 to diagram 1/020 as Palbrick A. Like all subsequent Palbricks, their bodysides consisted of removable plywood panels set in channel runners, with one fixed end and one incorporating screw adjusters so the palletised load could be clamped firmly in place. In the rush to grab a share of this lucrative traffic many improvised brick pallet wagons were pressed into service, mostly converted from Medfits and not always given separate diagram numbers – some retained their steel dropsides, others just the ends, and there were some fascinating oddballs.

    Further new-build Palbrick types and diagrams were developed in the late 1950s to accommodate different sizes of pallets specified by BR’s customers. All, however, had 10ft wheelbase chassis and were vacuum braked. Some were rated 13T, others 16T, some had RCH underframes and others the clasp-brake pattern while the internal width varied from 6ft 6ins to 8ft 2in – in terms of outward appearance, however, the differences were not vast. The subject of this kit is the wide-bodied, RCH-underframe Palbrick B to diagram 1/024 built between 1957 and 1958 at Ashford works. There were 200 wagons to this diagram, in the number sequences B461997 - 462116 and B462447 - B462526. In 1959 BR produced a further 90 Palbrick Bs – B462707 – 46296 – with clasp brakes, which were given diagram number 1/026.


    Here are a couple of photos of the wagon build as promised.

    This one is the underside showing the brake gear and vac cylinder. The cylinder is from NMRS models and is called a Python wagon cylinder. It's not actually on his list of parts in the catalogue but he will supply it if requested.

    This photo shows how the springs go together.


    The buffers are also from NMRS. They are number ref F013 and they are in his catalogue. _MG_6520b.jpg

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