Prototype A day out in Whitby. More Piccies!!

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  1. Rob R

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    Twenty years ago whilst sorting out my late father-in-law's railway bits I came across a few photo albums with 2 3/4" x 4 1/2" b+w prints, presumably from a long deceased MMRS member. They were duly filed and forgotten about until now.
    Subjects are various, mostly LMS, LNER and GWR locos but most have faded badly and will need a fair bit of "processing" to be presentable.
    However, there are a some which are useable as they are and I have put some up here as hopefully will be of interest.
    I think these are all dated 28th June 1938 and are of Whitby (bar the first which is Saltburn, 2nd July 1938).
    The builders of big Geordie Tanks may also find something here.
    Captions are from details on the back of the prints. No doubt you will soon put me right if they are not.....
    Saltburn 01.jpg
    A8 1499 at Saltburn

    Whitby 01.jpg
    Sentinel "Old John Bull"

    Whitby 02.jpg
    Sentinel "Rockingham"

    Whitby 03.jpg
    Coaling with crane and iron skips

    Whitby 04.jpg
    A6 692 leaving Whitby

    Whitby 05.jpg
    A6 693

    Whitby 06.jpg
    A6 692

    Whitby 07.jpg
    A6 692

    As I have too many images for one post, part two will follow shortly....
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  2. Rob R

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    Part two.

    Whitby 08.jpg
    A8 2151

    Whitby 09.jpg
    A8 2151

    Whitby 10.jpg
    A8 2151

    Whitby 11.jpg
    J24 1853

    Whitby 12.jpg
    J27 1231

    Whitby 13.jpg
    J24 1853

    Whitby 14.jpg
    J23 2460

    Whitby 15.jpg
    J23 2460

    Whitby 16.jpg
    J23 2476 having a tube replaced.

    If you liked these then I'll plod through the rest of the albums and post the here.

    Happy New Year.

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  3. Rob R

    Rob R Western Thunderer

    I should add that it is very likely that the negatives for these prints vanished a very long time ago and as I have custodianship of the prints, I presume copyright is with me.
    If anyone knows differently please let me know and I will acknowledge/remove as appropriate.

  4. 7mmMick

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    Thank you for posting these. What fantastic photos, full of character and showing how busy Whitby was. I certainly haven't seen these before so I assume this is their first public outing. Although it is not the period I model it is of the railway and classes I have a great love for so thank you again,

    Best regards Mick
  5. Rob Pulham

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    Hi Rob,

    They are absolutely bang on for my modeling subjects and period. Plus it's brilliant to see photos of both sides of a loco at the same time period, quite often you get one side of a particular prototype but can't find the other to work from.

    Keep them coming please they are much appreciated.
  6. richard carr

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    Some fabulous photos from a time when photos were rare please keep posting.

  7. Rob R

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    Thanks Guys.

    I'll scan some more soon.

    A couple of points from the Whitby shots.
    The ex H&B J23's were the last of their breed but only lasted until November 38.
    The LNER was over 15 years old when the photos were taken but the only thing "Group Standard" was a brace of Sentinel Railcars.

    More to follow

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  8. Rob R

    Rob R Western Thunderer

    Todays domestic job has been sorting the loft. :(
    The good bit is that I have found another album. :)
    There were a few more Whitby (ish) views, only the first two are dated unfortunately but they are all late 30's.

    Usually copyright disclaimer and if you need any better scans etc just shout.

    Whitby 17.jpg D20 2021 poses on 7/7/37

    Whitby 18.jpg
    A8 2155 shunting also on 7/7/37

    Whitby 20.jpg
    G5 1319 at an unknown date.

    Whitby 19.jpg
    G5 1319 again from a slightly different angle revealing what appears to be an early vacuum cleaner on the platform.

    Whitby 21.jpg
    Ex H&B J23 2460. Date not known.

    Whitby 22a.jpg
    J24 1947

    Whitby 23.jpg
    A6 691 getting a coat of looking at on the turntable road. The carraige number is 22738.

    Goathland 01.jpg
    A poor view of A6 695 at Goathland.

    Goathland 02.jpg
    A6 695 at Goathland again from a slightly different angle. Probably the best shot around of an NER water Barrel........

    That's it for Whitby.

    The recently found 3rd album includes Chester, Toton and Scotland amongst others so please shout up if you have any requests.

  9. richard carr

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    Some lovely pictures, especially the G5.

    Please post more.

  10. Ian@StEnochs

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    Scotland please? Hope it’s Clyde Coast!

  11. Scale7JB

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    Yes great G5 shots..

  12. Rob R

    Rob R Western Thunderer

    There is a little bit of G&SWR at Toton..........

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  13. JimG

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    The Scottish ones would be interesting,

  14. Ian@StEnochs

    Ian@StEnochs Western Thunderer

    0-6-2 tank by any chance?

  15. Rob R

    Rob R Western Thunderer

    Might be. :)