A Garden Railway Pipedream: the odyssey continues

Discussion in 'Layout Progress' started by Dikitriki, 7 August 2013.

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    About time.......:thumbs:

    I need to sort my V100 and V200 out at some point.
  2. Dikitriki

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    For once, the Gods of garden railways were with us, and we had a nice sunny day to work outside on the garden railway.

    Tim was continuing with the wiring for DCC; he's at the stage where we need one more day to have the main circuits powered, and then another couple of days to work back to the storage/steam-up area and the pointwork. We'll then be able to run those nice German locos:).

    Allan and I laid the last point and completed the trackwork. A momentous day indeed.:thumbs: OK, we still have to check alignment. levels, cant etc, and add the point control rodding, but nevertheless a milestone has been reached.

    Clive came along to supervise over lunch, and it was good to see him again after his enforced absence.

    Allan insisted on a group photo to mark the occasion:

    Track laying completion.jpg

    The two sidings on the right is the steam-up area, the stub siding to the right is for storage boxes for track powered locos so that we can run from the box to the track, and the three main storage roads are to the left. Minimum radius 10 ft throughout.

  3. Steve Cook

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    Congratulations Richard :thumbs: You've certainly achieved a lot in a relatively short period of time, in fact I think you've built your line and completed the track before I have - I did lay in the one and only point I needed yesterday, but still have the steaming up siding to put in!

    Enjoy the running round now the weather seems to finally have cheered up a bit, I look forward to both seeing it in the flesh and bringing the Castle over for a go :)

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    It's all looking great,well done with the last of the trackwork. Glad a photo was taken to mark the momentous event. Unfortunately had to attend a 90th birthday, but thought of Richard's gang in the garden sunshine having fun. I know where I would rather be, but duty called. Hope to get across this Wed, forecast looks quite encouraging but don't want to tempt fate! Cheers, Steve