A H0 scale 7 planker - bashing the old Lima model

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    Hi All,
    I hope I'm not too late to join in with this build, it is just the sort of project that I could do with - in other words, a kick up the rear end!
    I have been a member of the British H0 scale society for several years now but other than collecting as many bits and pieces as I could find, my "modelling" has always focussed on other areas, like Prussian and American for instance.
    So when I saw this group build, I realised that I have probably got enough H0 scale parts to give it a bash, literally.
    My starting point is an old Lima 7 plank open wagon and I want to convert it from a very crude early 1970's "model" into as decent a proper scale model as I can. To this, I must add a British H0 Society 9' etched underframe, produced for them by the "Fencehouses Foundy".

    I'm not too sure whether to use the provided scale coupling hooks or to stick with my usual Kadees but I certainly need to do something about those buffers, wheels and the Euro loop coupler.
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    This takes me back a few years!! Well over a decade, in fact, when I had a go at British HO.
    The Lima wagons were by all accounts decent body mouldings, just let down by the under sides!! I didn't mess too much with the frames on Lima wagons, although I did build a couple of those etched underframe kits for a 16t mineral wagon the Society produced at one time. Folding the 'C' chanel section (the bit with those oval holes) was beyond me so I used brass U-section strip instead.
    I used a particular Roco wheelset on all my freight stock; the part no. escapes me now but it should be on the HO Society website.
    After trying & failing with etched B&B couplers (TT Scale) I used the 'scale head' Kadee (#158 I think) on everything. Worked properly of course, but just looked so wrong on 1960's era BR stock!! This was one of the reasons I started to do some British outline in 7mm scale, as I wanted to use scale 3-links, but having been there in OO many years before, wasn't going to struggle with them again in the miniature scales!! Eventually all my HO stuff was sold on.
    Finally though don't forget Cambridge Custom Transfers will do BR decals in 3.5mm Scale.
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    Thanks, Jordan!
    Yes, the Lima body is quite fair, isn't it? I know that Kadees do look wrong on most UK stock, I really do but there's no way I can handle 3-links in this scale. I've debated AJ's but I think they only work if you have really fine tolerances on the track and my RP25 standards will likely be too loose so it's pretty much decided for me. British H0 is enough of a struggle without going into P87!
    Thanks for the reminder about CCT.
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