A new door opens, hello from Sydney.

Discussion in 'New members' started by Earl 32xx, 28 December 2017.

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    Hello my name is David and I hail from Sydney, I have been into the hobby since I was a kid and became a fairly dyed in the wool Swindon man with a penchant for branchlines and cross country routes, I am currently working towards building a layout based in Mid Wales, hence the user name 32xx Earl. Over the years I have built up a fairly sizable collection with a fetish for freight stock and have a large number of kit built models from Coopercraft, Ian Kirk/Colin Ashby, Parkside Dundas, Slaters and Cambrian, I have also dabbled in a fair bit of kitbashing to produce different variants of stock.

    I also model in other gauges of the hobby and even went down the dark path of LEGO Trains for 12 years, I have a large collection of freelance models that the LEGO adult community call MOC's (My Own Creation), my models are inspired by Swiss, German and Austrian prototypes. Modern era does not get neglected either as I am modelling Japanese N scale with contemporary JR Central (Tokai), JRF (Japan Rail Freight) and Keihan Otsusen which is the branchlines of the Keihan Railway around the Otsu and Lake Biwa area from the 1980's till present, the Keihan is a private railway that runs around the Kyoto area and also runs to Osaka and Kobe.
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    I also am from Sydney but these days live in Brisbane and northern NSW, modelling the Midland Railway c. 1907 in 7mm. I attach a snap of my Brisbane layout, the Ashworth Branch and you can see I have succumbed to buying a couple of Dapol Terriers. IMG_5519.JPG If you haven't done so already you should think about joining the BRMA as there are a few 7mm modellers in the Sydney region and at least two of them model the GWR!


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    Welcome both!