A question for learned members on a railway infrastructure item at Kings Cross Gas Works?

Discussion in 'Talk' started by Rob Pulham, 26 October 2018.

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    Could be what we now call an 'Off Indicator', which would make sense if the locos were RHD. One that springs to mind but is for the benefit of the guard is Ipswich Platform 1, Signal is on the wrong side but clearly visible to the driver, yet can be obscured from the guard so Off indicators are provided about a 153 length from the stops.
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    Thanks Chris,

    Although not very much clearer than the original photo it does show a little more in the way of shape etc. than we have.

    Thanks Bill,

    There are some signals directly behind it but I doubt that they were associated with it because they appear to be on the opposite side of the platform .
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    Actually that's not, it's the layout before it was rebuilt in 1923, give away clues are the road bridge across the whole station throat and the lack of loco depot. Note also carriage sidings between the platforms within the station, these were removed and replaced with new platform layout in 1923.
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    Ah yes, of course. I was focusing on the three arm signal seen in the background of the original photograph.
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    To be fair, the hotel curve and platform B later 16 didn't change during the rebuild. The old loco depot was removed and extra suburban platforms added but the biggest changes were in the main train sheds and throat area.
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    Another question that someone might know the answer to, is what does the sign say on the end of the building to the left of the photo


    As near as we can tell it says something 'hall' and having done a bit of googling it seems that that area was known as Battle Bridge at that time.

    As best I can make out from an enlargement with isn't very legible the last letter of the preceding word ends with an 'E' which might support it saying on the top line 'Battle Bridge Hall' but I can find no reference to a Battle Bridge Hall.

    So far Chris has done one of the gasometers and outlined the loco - it's going to be a big loco!

    The canvas is 36 x 24"

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    Brilliant, thanks Dave,

    Your prowess with internet searches never ceases to amaze me.
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    Having had Dave's pointer above, Chris has managed to do a little more digging and decipher the the sign as reading.

    Culross Hall
    LNER Mission
    Kings Cross

    Thanks again Dave.:thumbs:
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    The Mission Hall was probably the pitched roof building below the sign. This extract from a Kings Cross Heritage Study (https://www.kingscross.co.uk/media/48-HBS-Part-1.pdf) explains:
    1.1 Culross Buildings constructed 1891-2 by the Great Northern Railway (GNR) as rented accommodation for its workers and others displaced by the enlargement of King’s Cross Station into the Milk Dock area immediately to the south. Long range, of four storeys over a non-residential basement. 40 dwellings in five sections, each with walk- up open-fronted central staircase. Yellow stock brick with red brick bands, pilaster strips, and other decorative features. Flat roofs for clothes-drying and children’s play area.
    1.2 Two-storey Culross Hall at the eastern end of the range served as a mission hall, with pitched slated roof. Smaller two-storey block on corner of Battle Bridge Road and Cheney Road, at one time also used as Mission Hall, now with flat roof but possibly originally pitched.
    1.3 Basement storey, accessible only from Milk Dock site, housed workshops under Culross Buildings and boiler room under Culross Hall.

    This is a photo of part of the building c2004.

    Just realised that I have a photo of the same building.
    KingsX milk dock.jpg

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    Thanks again Dave, the colour shot will help with the brick colour - much dirtier than that but the same underlying colour.