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    One for @Simon, and anyone else with a soft spot for tiny standard gauge Rustons.

    DS1169 was a peripatetic beast, a 48DS which spent its career in service with the Bristol Aircraft Co. and latterly, with the Southern and Western regions of BR. Given that it spent its career away from the public eye or at the far end of the engineer's sidings at Yeovil Junction, somewhere relatively inaccessible decent pictures are hard to come by. In the course of a house clearance of railway-related stuff carried out by dad's club on behalf of the family of a retired railwayman the picture below was discovered among the lifetime's supply of brown envelopes.

    1169 yeovil junction (2).jpg

    The picture was presumably taken as part of the chap's work duties and seems to be the down side sidings at the east end of Yeovil Junction. The livery was faded green, possibly BR(S) coaching stock green, with a yellow radiator shroud if the one colour picture I've seen is anything to go by. Note that the Ruston is simultaneously shunting both the 16 tonner (which seems to be branded 'subex', so at the end of its life) and the p-way trolley. The latter is very much against the rules...

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    Hi Adam,

    Would you happen to know who has ownership of this photo? I ask as we're organising a Ruston event at the Telford Steam Railway later in the year and woudl love to be able to put this on display,


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