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    That's what they're being built for. Only 2 months to go...
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    Nearly seven years on from the start and it now has a roof:
    026 The Roof.jpg

    But the roof is a tad short and 10thou nickel looks a bit thin so I may need to make a new one. Although there is a cunning plan...
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    Another couple of wagons that have rolled across the workbench during the past few years that haven't yet been documented on WT. Currently they are residing in the fiddle yard on Love Lane for the duration of the lockdown (hence the dust!) so photos were kindly taken by @Oz7mm - many thanks. Both wagons are from Slaters kits with replacement etched (and working) brake gear.

    P.150663 is a standard RCH 1923 design with a few modifications including the London top-plank above the side doors and a smaller end door. Lettering was drawn in CorelDraw, printed by Precision Decals and applied at various stages during the weathering process. Based upon the photos on page 98 of "The 4mm Coal Wagon" by John Hayes.
    IMG_1042 cropped.jpg IMG_1044 cropped.jpg

    SMBP 2152 has the injection moulded tank replaced by one rolled from 10thou nickel (only 666 rivets) as I failed to remove the sprues without damaging the parts supplied. Lettering from PowSides and Fox.
    IMG_1039 cropped.jpg
    IMG_1040 cropped.jpg
    The wheel spokes look a bit chunky in this view. Anybody fancy manufacturing some proper-looking scale wheels?
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    I really love these two Dave. I forever find myself looking through the John Hayes book and wanting to work on some ex PO wagons as I have a pile to complete ! I’d be very interested to know about your weathering techniques, especially the bleached bare wood on the replacement end door.

    The Slaters tank wagon is superb and the scratch built tank really was worth the extra effort with all those rivets. Do you have details of the decal supplier for the tank?

    The PO wagon decals are lovely as well. I’ve often thought I’d try the hand painting method in the John Hayes book but I’m not sure it would translate to 7mm. It maybe would for a really worn paint finish but not for a finish as you’ve captured. Are the ones ones you’ve had printed here commercially available ?

    Looking forward to more updates on here:thumbs:

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    image.jpeg image.jpeg I too would like have finer looking wheels but Slaters S7 wagon wheels can be improved with a scalpel. I have started to cut the excess webbing back which do give a finer appearance. A pair of wheels does take about ninety minutes to do but it's time well spent IMHO.
    If you do loose any rivets when assembling Slaters tank wagons you can always replace them with MasterClub resin rivets. They need other glue rather than Mek-Pak because of what they are made of.
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    image.jpeg image.jpeg Further to the wheels with better appearance here are a couple of my scratch built wagons with before and after photos. The Midland wagon I have just completed and the Buxton Lime Firms I made last year. If you look at the left hand wheels you can see quite a difference.
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    Mick, The "beached bare wood" is supposed to be a few previously enjoyed grey painted planks :( achieved by leaving them in the grey primer and just adding some coloured weathering washes over the top.

    Those on the tank sides are from POWsides and the remainder from Fox -- the 4mm scale ones used around the tank filler are a bit too small.

    These were drawn specifically for this wagon (and the next few through the workshop!) and custom printed for me by Precision Decals and applied at various stages during the weathering process to get the different worn effects. The whole process is so simple (follow the Precision Decals instructions) that there is no need for them to be commercially available.
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    Six years and eleven months after the start:
    DSCN3598 cropped.jpg

    DSCN3599 cropped.jpg

    DSCN3602 cropped.jpg

    Disasters since the last posting include building a new roof and partially melting one of the ventilators; primer going on like pebble-dash; weathering powder application causing the roof to need painting for a third or fourth time; and a major prototypical blunder (totally my fault) which I haven't corrected as that would need all the paint and plastic bits removing.

    Anybody know why the GER had a GWR-style lamp bracket as well as a proper one on each end of these brake vans?
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    The latest wagon to roll across my workbench. Fortunately, it didn't roll too far as the (working) brakes were on!
    DSCN3608 cropped.jpg
    DSCN3605 cropped.jpg
    Resin body (HMRS I think) with Slaters coil-sprung axleguards, bearings and springs. Buffers are Peco and brakegear is from various etches - mostly Ambis but some anonymous. Lettering and chalk markings were drawn in CorelDraw, printed for me by Precision Decals, and then applied at various stages during the painting and weathering process.
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    Superb Dave....not heard of this John Birch & Co. coal merchant before ? , thought he owned the newsagent :D

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