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    A number of contributors have suggested I should tell you about some of my 7mm loco builds. Let's get the boring bit out of the way first. I'm not a builder to museum standards so look away now if you were expecting that. Prior to building any loco my soldering prowess was limited to putting wires onto rails and none too neatly I assure you.

    I started building in 2008 and became hooked, my first loco being a Roxey E4 0-6-2t. I wanted this kit for two reasons, first I love the prototype with fond memories of them from my spotting days, second it incorporated whitemetal, brass, nickel-silver plus a few lost wax fittings. This mix of metals would stretch my building skills which is exactly what was needed. The build was a success but I disliked the thickness of the whitemetal. So I purchased the E4 kit from the former MSC range but found the boiler was inappropriate for the variant I wanted. I therefore took the boiler out of the Roxey and put it in the MSC frames; sorted.
    32474b 040713.jpg

    My next loco was an original Bulleid light pacific, nothing like jumping in at the deep end. Built for a friend, the tender had already been finished but everything else had to be built. This was followed by a Sans Pareil Lord Nelson, oh to build another!

    30851 180409.JPG Since then I've built 0-4-2's to 2-8-0's from all companies other than the constituents of the LNER, about 45 steam locomotives to date (not all mine). I know which suppliers I like and which to avoid but that's my secret. Currently I'm working on a West Country from the David Andrew stable and just finishing an MOK Q1. The latter is about 95% complete with mainly cab detail to finish off. 34108.2a 240814.jpg
    Loco 13b 070814.jpg

    I am fortunate to be mentored and encouraged to do better by a number of very fine loco builders. If I have a problem they can always solve it by suggesting I do this or that but leave me to resolve the issue and learn. How refreshing compared with some modellers who know how to solve the problem but won't tell you because.....! Consequently my building has steadily improved. I'm able to try my locos and other rolling stock on Heyside and having access to a continuous run and pointwork is invaluable.

    Shortly progressing through the works will be a Seven Models Crosti 9F which will be for one of my friends and a Chowbent Stanier 2-6-2t for my own LMR stable used on Heyside. Me idle? No.
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    Excellent stuff Roger!

    I can bear testament to how much Roger's building has come on over the last few years. Being an LMR man at heart, I think the Rebuilt Patriot is a lovely model. It's now been weathered in the Tony Geary workshops, and looks even better. I'm looking forward to seeing that running after Telford!

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    Me, I'm looking forward to the Q1, rather than the westernised copy of a Lord Nelson,!!

    (especially if Tony is allowed to get at it)

  4. Ressaldar

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    Hi Roger,

    great stuff and great to see that you have put finger to keyboard at long last, really like the E4.

    See you at Telford

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    Nice to see you here Roger, the Q1 is looking great.
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    Those Roxey E4s make up beautifully, although the cab roof is, as you say a bit thick.
    Here's a link to one Yorkshire Dave of this parish made a few years ago; his first 0-gauge loco and a real beauty. He replaced the cab roof!:


    Just out of interest which kit was the Light Pacific you built and how did you find it?

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    The rebuilt Patriot looks a treat:thumbs: I'll be interested to see progress (the more details the better;)) on the Seven Models 9F as I'm looking at an Ex Crosti variant for myself shortly, as well as maybe a standard 9F and Brit.
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    Hi Steph et al,

    Thanks to all for their kind words, I really did not expect all these compliments from so many of you.

    Regarding the Light Pacific kit, this was from Meteor but only builds locos 34001 to 34070.
    Final 2 110409.JPG

    As mentioned before, the tender of this loco was already built so I had just the engine to construct. The build was relatively straightforward although the match between the casing and the cab was very difficult to "marry up" and I did not do too well on the fireman's side. The casing does not have all the rivet detail of the original but I think in this case less is more. The DJB kit allows for all variants of rivets but how do you know your chosen engine has the correct rivet pattern? However last year I built another one for my own stable.
    34019 1 310814.JPG

    Having learned a lot from the previous build this loco went together much better but the roof casing could be better. Mine is too flat but I also have a model of 34006 built years ago by someone unknown to me. The roof bears the scars of making it more rounded as per the prototype so I decided against this aspect, as I said before I do not build to museum standards. This loco also benefits from Iain Young's castings which have been used throughout including pony truck and bogie plus full brake gear replacement and boy what a difference. Also all whitemetal pipework was thrown away and replaced with copper and brass. One niggle, it is easy to forget to rectify the coal space sides which are a little too shallow. This is not noticeable on the original tender with raves, but is more obvious on the cut down version. A little brass strip soon solved the problem.

    My third original light pacific 34006 will eventually get an upgrade but first I have to persuade Iain if he will let me have a set of atomisers!!!!

    34019 34006 1 310814.JPG Lastly for now, thanks for the link to the build of the E4 and a much better build than mine. I agree with the builder, the Ashford alterations ruined a beautiful loco. I must also admit to retaining the whitemetal cab roof, why?????

  9. Scanlon

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    Hi Mickoo,
    I'll try and post the build of the Crosti 9F. Almost all castings will be replaced by Ragstone products which are superb and enhance a very fine set of accurate etches. Having built a 2884, a Britannia and The Duke from the same stable I assure you these kits build up very nicely.
  10. Scanlon

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    Wagon and van building last week, 2 Van B's almost finished, a ER loco coal wagon, SR cattle wagon and WR horse box getting towards the finished state
    Van B's started some while ago.

    After Telford back to the Q1 then the Crosti!
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  11. dibateg

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    Here is the Patriot, that's as far as I will take it for now Roger. I've glossed up the oily bits since. Let me know if you want more...


  12. richard carr

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    More would great

  13. richard carr

    richard carr Western Thunderer

    By that I mean more photos

  14. mickoo

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    Yes more please, that looks very nice, is it a DA kit?
  15. mickoo

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    Thanks for the feedback, they look ok to me, though I think the Brit has a small issue with the lower firebox shape, easy to fix mind and like you considering just replacing what ever castings with Ragstone.
  16. Scanlon

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    Hi Tony,
    Looks great to me. She was an Edge Hill loc and at the time of "Heyside" would have been kept quite clean as historic photos confirm.

    See you at Telford.
  17. Scanlon

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    Hi Mickoo,
    The Rebuilt Patriot is the DA kit. Went together like the old Airfix kits. Only problem was associated with the expansion links but that was quickly resolved. Lovely loco made better by Tony's weathering.
  18. Scanlon

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    I build locos for a few friends one of whom has a wonderful BR(W) layout but with taxing curves. Here are a few examples of locos built for him over the last few years.


    2222 is from a Gladiator kit which proved to be a bit of a mongrel. It built up beautifully even if the running plate was a pain. The frames were modified by a colleague to manage 4ft 6 curves; told you they were taxing.

    Finish 1 080714.JPG

    2538 is my latest ex GWR build from the David Andrews kit. As usual no problems with anything on the kit.

    Final 3 141113 (4)a.jpg

    2886 is the first GWR loco I have built from the Seven Model range. Beautiful etches which built up very well. Frames are compensated. A few of the castings were replaced at the request of the owner.

    52xx 210612 em.jpg

    5236 is another from the David Andrews stable. Non flanged wheels were put on the two centre axles and the rods built up rigid with plenty of side play. Runs perfectly and the lack of flanges does not affect haulage nor is it noticeable.


    9004 is also a David Andrews kit with the top feed (14XX) added from the Warren Shephard range. As the kit is provided with boiler backhead clacks, the Slaters GWR backhead was substituted in this instance. I was very concerned the bogie would foul the running plate and it had been suggested the valances should be filed back. Fortunately this proved completely unnecessary.

    The next GWR loco will be the David Andrews 47XX but that will be in 2015. BR standards next!
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    Hi Roger,

    some great work there:thumbs: , but I think you should get an Eastleigh/Ashford/Brighton (pre 1948) loco back on the workbench before you tackle anything else otherwise people will start making the wrong assumption about your green preferences:))

    keep the photos coming.


  20. Scanlon

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    Hi Mike,
    You are right I should do another of "Gods" engines but they will have to wait. A Finney West Country is in the pile to do. Just finishing off my Q1, top coat black so far - yuk:( - but still a day or two of work before it can be photographed.

    Thanks all for watching.