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    Almost but not quite. I reckon the same day and time but the ebay photographer was standing a social distance to the left of the photographer from your shot.
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    Hi Ian, just sent you an email. Roger
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    Hi Overseer,
    The Southern Region did test new liveries but not on 30908. She was repainted in "standard" lined BR green in August 1956 and the small original BR crest applied. The new heraldic crest was not applied to steam locos until 1957.
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    The build of 30908 has been progressing slowly, it is my weekend build while other issues take up the week!

    Firstly a huge thank you to Ian (Lancastrian) for providing a set of the correct King Arthur style steps for the tender. They have made a considerable difference and give the tender that slightly different look. OK not too many people would have noticed but......... The tender is now almost complete with just final detailing to add plus pick-ups.
    Tender 3 230820.JPG
    Tender 4 230820.JPG
    Work on the engine frames started about a week ago. Construction was straightforward although they remained quite flimsy until the cylinders and motion brackets were constructed and fitted in place. The framing in front of the cylinders is an unusual feature in that it is a separate etch from the main frames and positioned by three pins in the front of the cylinder block. The framing is also wider than the mainframes.
    Frames 3 230820.JPG
    A start has been made on the engine body and the running plate and cab have been constructed. No issues other than the cab etch was very slightly short. This may have been due to how I formed the integral sides and roof although when offered up to the cab front there were no obvious gaps anywhere. A very pleasant build.
    Running plate cab 2 230820.JPG
    Running plate cab 1 230820.JPG
    Lastly here are two photos of 77014, almost finished!!!!
    Loco 16 230820.JPG
    Loco 15 230820.JPG
    Enough said:rolleyes:
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    Looking good so far :thumbs:

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    Well, Schools classes certainly come in three's, I've got a Northstar one to build for myself stashed under the bench, oddly unlike almost everyone else here, one of only two kits :p....though it might be a while before the UK interest bubble revisits....in my case I went for the bogie tender on my Schools kit.

    Anyway Roger, keep going, as noted above, looking good so far :cool:
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    and I still have a set of castings for it that were to be passed over at the next show. Whether this happens before or after your UK mojo returns remains to be seen!

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    I decided to detail the tender and fit pick-ups to all wheels. These photos show the near finished article.
    Tender 5 250820.JPG

    Tender 7 250820.JPG

    The tender is in 1956 condition without water softening equipment. Still to fit is the drawbar and retention pins for the fire irons.

    Tomorrow I'll make a start on the boiler. Although all the fixing points for the major castings have been drilled out there is only a diagram to work from for the handrail knobs. There could be problems ahead.
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    The build of the Schools is progressing fairly well and has reached the detailing stage. In my last posting I was not looking forward to constructing the boiler and drilling handrail knob holes etc. Once again Lancastrian came to my aid with an excellent 1:1 diagram showing exact positions etc. for the David Andrews boiler. He added a caveat that the dimensions of the Northstar boiler might be slightly different and this did prove to be the case but again thanks to Ian for his help. Building the boiler proved quite straightforward although the half etched smokebox etching makes the front end of the loco slightly bulky. These two photographs show first the David Andrews smokebox
    DA Engine 2 081117.JPG
    and the Northstar smokebox with the overlay.
    NS smokebox 300820.jpg
    Hopefully the addition of a boiler band will mask the "step".

    Now the build has reached this stage with handrail knobs in place and detailing well under way.
    Engine 3 060920.JPG
    Engine 4 060920.JPG

    Alongside the Schools I have taken on the complete rebuild of a David Andrews U class 2-6-0 which one of my clients recently acquired. I should say at the outset he acquired the "model" only after I had scrutinised numerous photos and agreed to restore it. I have to acknowledge David Andrew's help with supplying replacement parts. To say the model was lacking in quality is an understatement but I'll leave it there. This is what I started with after an early bath in cellulose thinners, you will note the frames in the background, dreadful is too good a word for them.
    Paint strip 3 300820.JPG
    Only then could I really see what was right with the model, frankly very little!

    The tender has been tackled first. Surprisingly it was built square but all the axleboxes had to be removed and in some cases replaced with new ones. The steps were in the wrong place, i.e. those for the front were at the back and v.v. so off they came and then repositioned
    Tender 2 310820.JPG

    The coal space was a nightmare. I have no idea what was used for coal but it defied the bath process which usually loosens off coal along with fittings. It had to be ground out and to do this I went into the garden and my neighbours complained about the stench! This space will never be a silk purse so have agreed with the owner a full load of coal will mask the "imperfections". So now this is the restored state
    Tender 3 200920.JPG
    Tender 4 200920.JPG
    Still more work to do not least those horrible lamp irons but well on the way back to "health".

    Now to the engine body. Work on the tender revealed the solder used by the first builder was awful. Every last bit had to be removed before my usual solder could be reapplied. This photo shows what I was faced with after the paint was stripped and most of the original castings had fallen off.
    Engine body 1 010920.JPG
    After many hours with wire brushes, scalpels etc. this was the result
    Engine body 2 010920.JPG
    Still not a pretty sight.

    The front end and bufferbeam had to be completely rebuilt and the valances properly soldered to the running plate. The latter had been spot soldered along their length and were very pliable until I got to them. The splasher tops had been soldered to the top of the splasher sides with a "nice" lip. Now they are correctly positioned but are still work in progress. The snifting valves were removed and the holes plugged and the smokebox redressed. Renovation of the cab has started but there is an issue with the handrails and beading which still has to be resolved. When received the whole cab leaned to one side. I thought it might require complete dismantling but fortunately this has been avoided by judicious use of the "gas gun". This is the stage I have now reached
    Engine body 4 060920.JPG
    There is much to do but detailing may shortly recommence.

    For now the frames which as yet are untouched. I'll leave you with this photo of the valve gear as assembled by someone else!
    Frames 1 200920.JPG
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    Poor old Egide will be turning in his grave.
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    I have to ask.... the Class 3 77014 is that an ex Severn Models kit

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    Hi Bob,
    The 77XXX model is from the DJB kit. Production of these kits ceased many years ago.
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    Thank you Roger, both 77011 & 14 were shedded at 52C Blaydon for a while, a short cycle ride from where I grew up.

    I was unaware that DJB had once produced a kit. pity that as I would have liked one
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    The schools is coming along nicely.
    Interested to understand if the handrail knob positions supplied by Lancastrian are much different to those given in the Gladiator kit? Just need to know if I have to do an update to the instructions.
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    Hi Dave,
    Just sent you an email with PDF.
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    Got it! Magic thanks.
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    Rebuilding of the U continues.

    The beading on the cab cut outs was awful so it was taken out, thoroughly cleaned, straightened where necessary and put back in place. The cab doors should have had an L shaped etch fitted to each side of the cab. They were missing and looking at the original photos they were never fitted. They have been made up from scrap etch and fitted along with the cab doors. The manifold has been detailed and now has the pipework in place (there was none on the original build) and the safety valves have been refitted. The last splasher top has been refitted.
    Cab 1 210920.JPG

    The washout plugs on the firebox sides and front of the boiler have been annoying me. The original builder seems to have had difficulty fitting them including filling them with solder. Now all but three have replaced. David Andrews has kindly provided new castings for the clacks and delivery pipes and they along with the dome have been refitted. The latter had been fitted back to front! At the same the appropriate chimney has been fitted for a post-war U class engine.

    The lubricating pipe runs alongside the loco have been rebuilt. Unfortunately, I was unable to salvage the original etches as the builder had twisted them into all kinds of shapes. Heaven knows why as on the original they are straight and slightly angled downwards. A new ejector pipe and handrails have also been fitted and finally the lamp irons on the front of the loco installed and the deflectors put in place.
    Engine body 8 260920.JPG
    The frames have been stripped down and given a bath in thinners to reveal a fairly well constructed unit. The major problem was the cylinders and motion bracket unit where the original builder had got just about everything wrong. The castings for the piston valves were incorrectly fitted and when removed showed the castings had not been cleaned up. With cusps etc. removed they fitted perfectly first time. The valve gear has been stripped ready for refitting.

    The motion bracket had to be reduced to its component parts and completely rebuilt while the crossheads and slidebars were fine. The slidebars when supplied new have a tail on them to locate onto the motion bracket but one had been filed off and the other was little more than a stub. I have used electrical solder plus a fillet of nickel silver etch to build a “bridge” to the motion bracket.
    Frames 3 230920.JPG
    A trial of the middle axle and connecting rods revealed the rods were striking the underside of the motion bracket; a few minutes with a file have overcome this problem.

    Having sprayed the frames and cylinders rebuilding has started. At each stage of recovery they have been tested, here with just side rods
    Frames 5 270920.JPG
    and here with the cylinders and connecting rods in place.
    Frames 66 270920.JPG
    Fitting the valve gear is the next step but all the parts require a lot of cleaning up including removing many cusps from the etches. The original builder seemingly paying little attention to getting parts finished off properly.

    At last this basket case is starting to look like the quality model it should be. Am I right?
    Loco 2 270920.JPG
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    The rebuild of the basket case U class is complete
    Loco 6 031020.JPG
    Just a sound chip and painting to complete the build.

    The Schools is also at a similar stage.
    Loco 1 041020.JPG
    Final detailing is still ongoing and once the frames are sprayed I’ll build the valve gear and complete testing before sending the model away for painting.

    I have started my next project, a second MOK Merchant Navy; a part-built kit purchased from the E&T stand at the Doncaster show in 2016. Once at home I decided to check all the castings were complete, naturally a few were missing and Dave Sharp kindly filled the gaps. Since then the kit has languished at the bottom of my kits to build box. Earlier last week the kit was taken out of store and a thorough review of the build by the previous owner undertaken. Generally, the work done is satisfactory although some parts will need a bit of tlc before proceeding further. However, to my dismay I discovered three of the rear frame spacers including the pony tuck pivot etch were missing. A call to Dave Sharp was made and he was able to replace the missing etches, 11 in all, thanks Dave.

    This model will be of 35008 Orient Line in 1962 condition when the loco was coupled to a 5000-gallon tender. Originally the kit had an untouched etch for a 6000-gallon tender but I was able to swap it for the smaller version. I chose to start the build with the tender and a mornings work resulted in the interior being built up.
    Tender 1 021020.JPG
    At this stage only six parts had been soldered together, otherwise the build is relying entirely on the slot and tabs. Since then the front of the tender has been detailed and fitted and then the tank “skin” attached. Already the tender was starting to look the part. With the basic tender body completed the frames were started. Having built one of these kits before I was pleased to see all the axlebox and spring castings are now brass rather than white metal.
    Tender frame 081020.JPG
    The inner frames are the usual MOK construction with full compensation etc. However, the brakes are very complicated and this photo show all the parts that go into this part of the build.
    Tender brakes 081020.JPG
    Since then detailing has been ongoing and should be completed tomorrow.
    Tender 6 081020.jpg

    Returning to the frames, I have come to the conclusion the original builder built up the various parts to gain a view as to how the build would look. Fortunately, he has only twisted some of the tabs and only very occasionally resorted to soldering anything and then only to laminate parts. This was the situation with the bogie which when completely dismantled was reduced into its component parts, all of which were thoroughly cleaned and reassembled in the correct order with castings in place.
    Bogie frame 081020.JPG
    The main frames will be started soon, in places they are so dirty some areas have turned green!
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    It might be worth having another look at the instructions for the bogie? I can see an etched profile for the suspension unit at the bottom (should be at the top to match the cast one at the front) and should those top hat bearings not run outside the frames?

    I may well be barking up the wrong tree, but it doesn't look quite right to me.