4mm An EM Workbench - off the bench and over the water to Wight

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    What I quite liked was that the wagon has been left untouched, as if the artist was acknowledging they were unsure as to what colours it and the detail should be, so rather than guessing it was simply left it as is.
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    I wonder if the slow repainting of GWR engines is correlated with their retaining the same numbers? The other regions needed to renumber everything, but the Western didn't, so they only repainted engines when they needed major service.
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    The station at Harbourne was acquired by local toy manufcturer chad valley. Hence the large amount of wood on the platforms. As if modelling the location isnt appealing enough without it being an abandoned but not abandoned station.
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    Hi all
    I've had a think about this and it my have been GWR No28 the ex CM&DPLR loco. One possible place for information, if someone has access to it, is the book "When there was Steam" by Tony Barfield who was a fireman in Kidderminster about that time.

    Allen Morgan
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    Let me enlighten you then!
    9701 at Swindon works c1933.jpg
    Several (all?) of the condensing locos had "GREAT WESTERN" on the tanks but perhaps they were exceptions as they were based at HQ.
    Faint but still distinguishable:
    9716 at unknown loc.jpg
    Sometimes you get two for the price of one:
    9635 at Swindon works 24Mar63.JPG
    But the clearest so far:
    5713 at unknown loc 1930.jpg
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    Very nice examples, Dave, including my friend 9635 which just couldn't shake the GWR off... The coda that I should have added, was 'in BR ownership'. I think I've seen a picture somewhere of at least one of the condensing panniers with GWR lettering post 1960.

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    This one?
    9703 at OOC Apr62.jpg
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    Superb! :)

    Maybe - I reckon that a highly centralised engineering set up with very, erm, independent tendencies might also be a factor, of course. You've got one enormous works which everything will end up at eventually and thus painting cycles were probably a bit longer than on some other regions. Compare that to the Southern which is *still* basically three independent railways, even now (four, if you count Salisbury depot and the LSWR mainline).

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    Some actual modelling (and in the form of a couple of relatively quick projects - there are others dragging on, but more of these later). This pair of Lowfit, both with LNER-type fitted brakegear but different in construction. Obviously in model form they're both rendered in Kirkcaldy-tooled plastic. The more complete of the two, fully lettered and liveried is the BR-build, from the Red Panda kit but with a Parkside LNER chassis:


    Hopefully, you'll be able to see the additional work on the brakegear (which I've been told isn't worth it, more than once...) and the slightly wobbly tare numbers. Oops.

    Here's the other, an LNER, wooden-framed version, like this one: 25/06/1963 - Hessle, East Yorkshire..


    And from underneath - obviously there are levers and lashing loops still to add, but probably no Ford Anglia.


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    Following the arrival of a couple of packets of churns from Dart Castings, I've been able to complete Bateman's Austin. The Somerset plates date it to 1960 and likely mean it would have been bought new from the local Austin dealer, Vincents of Yeovil. A touch of weathering as befits the dust of south Somerset roads but no more, because milk wagons were generally pretty clean. The 'fun' bit was the windscreen: prior to painting, I'd remembered to thin the inside edges of the casting which gave a bit of latitude with regard to cutting the glazing to fit and a greater gluing area. The actual fitting was still a matter of trial and error but has come out ok, I think.


    This particular piece of glazing was a scrap of OHP foil (remember those? I kept mine after I went over to PowerPoint) which conformed to the inside of the cab nicely. Once fixed in the middle with a spot of superglue, the full fixing was achieved with a bit of Glue 'n' Glaze and looks not all that bad.


    A cruel close-up for what's basically a bit of set-dressing, but I'm pleased. This is one that's been hanging around for too long!


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    Belatedly taking a holiday on the Isle of Wight which meant giving the boy - now 10 months - his first taste of steam between Wootton and Smallbrook Junction, albeit in the slightly rarefied environment of 2020. I think he enjoyed it, erratic ride on a recycled CCT chassis and all.

    Some snaps from the day:


    W11 running round at Wootton, Isle of Wight bunker and IoWCR chimney and lovely Maunsell green matching most of its reclaimed summer houses and chicken sheds including this rather lovely wooden box on wheels:


    One of the very, very few new rail vehicles ever built for service on the Island: Historic Carriages Restoration | Isle of Wight Steam Railway. The other train in service - which ordinarily I'd have had a ride on too - featured relative super power and modernity, bogies and outside valvegear:



    And last time I saw B110 (as I'll forever think of it), it was in steam which, erm, it clearly isn't right now:


    One day, I'll get to ride on what's left of the main line, but not this year...

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