Prototype An Essex Rocker Travels to the Kent & East Sussex Railway '92 ( but not on his bike !)

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    Hi Dave
    Sorry did not make myself clear regarding the Midland Red coach. I do not know what speed it reached on the trip as I could not see the speedo. I do know it was keeping up with just about everything. The outside lane ban (or goveners?) for coaches was not in place then.
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    you should try Germany, flashing lights does not mean letting you out it means get out of the ..... way.

    North if Hamburg headimg to DK at 90 round 02:00 I spotted a set of headlights approaching fast, expecting a Porsche or MB/BMW to 'swoosh' by I was startled to be passed by a 1.1L polo doing at least 110+ driven by some youth way to young and with a death grip at the wheel. I let him get half mile ahead and nailed my father's Alpha 164 and spanked past him, at which point my father opened one eye and said, you've made your point and went back to sleep, happy days.
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    I love photoshop :p:D
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    Yes...:)):)):))...but I couldn't get it to blank out the Austin 'legover' in the back ground :eek:

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    ....talking of hair, both my wife and Granddaughter were discussing the fact that they've not been to a hairdresser for three months, the wife's hair is down to her waist but my Granddaughter's is down past her backside, I pointed out that so is mine but it don't start until down past my waist ! :D

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    that's one of those thoughts that once thought, are difficult to unthink...
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    I did a lot of M1 driving in the 1960s, sometimes in a mk 2 Sprite. Going downhill with the wind I managed 90mph south of Watford Gap, keeping up with a Rolls just for fun. The family farm of a university room mate lived near Watford Gap so we used to nip through the back gate to save time and petrol. And we would actually go into the services for a coffee back then.
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    During my time as a long distance courier I was using an ex-police BMW R100. I would quite comfortably cruise at 90 + on the M-ways outside of rush hours and at night. It was easy then no cameras etc.
    I can re-call being stopped by a police biker in the services, I'd already pulled up, and he pulled up along side me within a few minutes, " you keep a good average at 95 " was his first words, " Good old bikes these Beamers" was my reply, then expecting the lecture from him he said "I need a coffee ",..... "that's what I stopped for",... "I'll get 'em" he said.
    No lecture about the national speed limit just two bikers talking bikes for half an hour over coffee ! and as we left his last words were " take it easy lad "

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