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    Some while ago I bought a photo album for next to nothing - the pictures are of poor quality and, on an initial review, were mainly of subjects in which I have relatively little interest. However my thought was that anything railway would fit with my collection and that there may be some pictures worth salvaging.

    Recent closer inspection has shown that there are many of the LMS Euston electric sets and must go back to the late 1950s as most are of the Oerlikon units which I personally just remember. The majority of the others are of London Transport subjects at around the same date. (I've already forwarded a few scans to Yorkshire Dave:)). The exclusivity of this collection suggests that the photographer may have had a professional interest in electric stock. The name inside the album is D M Herbert so I claim no copyright.

    On the whole the photo quality is pretty awful. Most seem to be contact prints from negatives and the dirt and hairs suggest that these were probably home processed. I have, however, now scanned the complete collection. This has allowed me to use Photoshop to improve contrast and remove dirt - that's taking a couple of hours minimum for each photo so it's not quick. Regrettably there's little I can do about focus - or lack of it. However the potential historic value may be significant.

    This is the first one I've done. There's a Class 501 unit on the left of this photo (at least I believe that's what it is - my knowledge of such things is sorely lacking). I don't know where or a firm date, but immediately after the introduction of the 501s which replaced the Oerlikons, so 1958-ish seems likely. The sides are endorsed "SCRAP" rather than the cross within a circle with which I'm familiar. Above the window to the right of the open door on the nearest vehicle is a destination board for Watford. Sadly the vehicle number is not decipherable. As for location, I'll guess Stonebridge Park.

    Once again, if there's interest I'll be happy to publish these photos as I deal with them.


    img381.  FINAL JPEG.jpg
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    Yes please, Brian! That's a fascinating picture and yes, that's something that will be a 501 (basically a 2 and half EPB - 3 cars on 57' underframes rather than pairs on 64' - as I understand it...).

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    I would say they were taken at Croxley Green Depot.

    Croxley Green (David Warby photo) from the Disused Stations website

    For comparison - Stonebridge Park LT depot.

    Croxley Green depot was here:

    Are there photos of the later LMS units i.e. the predecessors of the 501's?

    It appears from the LT photos you've sent me and this one here they are taken in and around the Chorleywood, Rickmansworth, Watford, Aylesbury area. Out of curiousity are there any non-railway ones of the locale including buses?

    I also look forward to seeing the other electric stock photos. :)
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    I believe that there are a few photos of the later LMS units, Dave, but they are similar to the Oerlikon sets and I'm not certain how to tell t'other from which. I'll publish as I clean them up, which will take a while.

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    Certainly Croxley shed. Been in there a few times in my early railway career (1969ish).
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    Confirmation of location - thanks Chris and Dave.