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    This collection never ceases to amaze. I'm working on the Brill Branch photos for myself but also others in the collection. This is the next one - it was in a bad way, grossly under exposed, covered in scratches and dirt. However, if I'm not mistaken it's the Liverpool Overhead Railway. If so it's very sad that this did not survive - it would have been a great attraction.

    Regrettably definition is such that the destination can't be read, and there's no indication of location. There are a few more to follow this one, but they'll take a while to process. Are these photos also by Mr Herbert? The quality suggests so.

    img425b - Copy.jpg

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    Somebody from Liverpool can correct me if I’m wrong, but: the building in the background is nicknamed the streaky bacon building, and was designed by the Old Scotland Yard architect. I think this picture is taken near to the Three Graces. Apologies if I’m horribly wrong!
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    The bridge in the background is over St James Street and the building in the left background were the Pacific Navigation Company offices.

    Could well be if his prime interest was in electric traction.
  4. Yorkshire Dave

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    It looks like the photo was taken out of the front of train having just left Pier Head Station heading south towards James Street Station.

    The Cunard Building is immediately to the right of the photographer with the corner of the George's Dock Building in view (right) which is a ventilation station for the Birkenhead Tunnel.

    Pacific Steam Navigation Company history PACIFIC STEAM NAVIGATION COMPANY - Red Duster

    George's Dock Building George's Dock Ventilation and Control Station
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    Thanks for your thoughts, Dai88D. I'm not sure how or whether that fits with Yorkshire Dave's detailed info, and for which, once again, I thank you, Dave. I have very little knowledge of Liverpool so this is all original info for me.

    And I'm not going to guess about this one, either. Once again, absolutely no info on the photo.

    img425a - Copy (2).jpg

  6. Yorkshire Dave

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    This I believe is taken from the then closed Linacre Road station between Seaforth Sands and Aintree. This part of the line was electrified from Seaforth Sands to the racecourse by the L&Y and the LOR operated special services to Aintree on race days. Lineacre Road station was closed in 1951 and the only trains to use this line after this date were the once a year services to Aintree Sefton Arms on Grand National day. These included the LOR services which ran until closure in 1956. This is either Grand National day or more than likely an organised railtour.

    The gantry on the left were the power grid lines which ran from Clarence Dock power station. The grid gantries straddled and followed the Leeds-Liverpool canal to feed the national grid. The chimneys in the background are the old tar works and the bridge is Hawthorne Road.

    My employers have offices on the 12th floor of a building in Liverpool and if you're in the meeting rooms on the north side you can watch the trains to and from Moorfields station on the Mersey lines heading towards Southport or the the boats on the Mersey. :)
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    Thank you Dave and Dave. As I said previously I have no knowledge of the LOR so this gives some great detail to go against the photos.

    Here's one for today. Much better exposure of the original but still hours of work in removing scratches and dirt. This one is definitely worth it. Again, any details of location will be most helpful.

    img426a- Copy (2).jpg

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  9. Yorkshire Dave

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    Seaforth Sands and Gladstone Dock in the background.
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  10. oldravendale

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    .....just like that!

    Thank you Dave.

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  11. simond

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    I'd bet a whole round pound that the cranes are the product of Stothert and Pitt

  12. mickoo

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    I once drove a S&P, we had a couple when I first started at the port. The nearest thing they had to electronics was the lamp filaments, there was no motor control, it just ran at a constant speed, everything was controlled by clutches, either levers or foot pedals. Fascinating but fiendishly scary :eek:
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    I have drawings of a 12t S&P at 1/48 rescaled to 1/43.5, and quite a bit of the metalwork made. It all stopped when we went to India in 2007, and didn’t restart when we came back. I have since visited the Channel Isles and photographed one. But it’s all in a box.

    One day...
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    There's a nice (working) Stothert and Pitt crane at Bristol Dock. I went round it a year or two back at the Bristol Docks Festival when visiting Steph.

    Anyway - on to the next image. I might know the location of this one - I believe it to be Herculaneum Yard to the left hand side of the image.

    img426b - Copy.jpg

  15. oldravendale

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    .....and just perhaps this is the same location from the opposite direction.

    img427 - Copy.jpg

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  16. simond

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    Thanks Brian,

    I managed a walk around Bristol Docks last January prior to the show, so saw the crane there too.

    And there’s a herd (flock?) of them at the London Docklands - some of the later version with the tubular jib structure.

  17. Yorkshire Dave

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    First photo (train 43) is Toxteth Dock Station looking towards Herculaneum Station. The girder and brick bridge on the left of the travelling crane/gantry? is the ex CLC entrance to the Brunswick Goods Yard.

    Second photo (train 17) is taken from Canada Dock Station looking towards Huskisson Dock Station. The large building in the distance behind the train is the ex Midland Railway Sandon & Canada Docks Goods Station. The oil tanks appear in a 1949 Aerofilms photo.
  18. oldravendale

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    Simon - Do you mean these? Photographed in May 1984........

    img277  May 84.  FINAL.jpg

    Thanks for more and better info on the lat couple of photos, Dave.

    Here's the final one of the LOR. Again some help in establishing where this was taken will be appreciated.

    img428a  Bott stamped Alan A Jackson - Copy - Copy.jpg

    Within the collection there follows some underground photos stamped "Alan A Jackson". Is that a known name? If so I'll keep the scans to myself and move on to the next unattributed images.

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  19. Dog Star

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    How about this book / author?

    Semi-Detached London

    Subject and era fits with what you have posted to date.
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    Thank you Dog Star. The photos to which I refer are subjects which seem to fit nicely within the remit of the Alan A Jackson of Semi Detached London, so I'll not publish them on WT. There will therefore be a short intermission while I deal with these for my own collection before moving on to some Oerlikon stock again, but possibly in LNWR days.