Bethesda Sidings

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  1. NHY 581

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    Very nice and very inspiring indeed. Another triumph CK.

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    Lets hope he doesn't pick up the odd tip from Les Nixon and chop it down afterwards so no one else can use it for their shot...:p

    I like the look of this layout. The colouring and lighting is just right for a very realistic appearance. But I wouldn't let that diesel mechanical loose too often otherwise you will have to blacken your track!

    Green locos on layouts are always a hard call because the livery and especially the orange lining is usually hard to detect in general photos of the full size railway unless the locos are especially clean. Rather than spray the green matt, I feel it is better to have a covering of weathering in matt. The bleached GWR paint on the coal office bargeboards is a well observed touch.
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    I'll let you in on the secret of the coal office, Larry - it's a Scalescenes kit - a freebie in fact (presumably this is the small office next to the buffer stops). The weathering on the bargeboards comes as part of what you print out, so kudos to John Wiffen in that case!
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  4. Captain Kernow

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    I see what you mean here, Larry, and it's something I've noticed myself.

    On the other hand, my 1458 is meant to be a relatively well-looked after branch loco and there is a photo in one of the Ian Allan colour GW albums of sister engine 1420 on shed at Leominster in 1959, where the green parts are pretty clean and the lining is quite prominent.

    I may yet give my own 14XX a further waft over with a weathering mix at some time in the future, although there are other loco projects for this layout also waiting in the wings.
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  5. NHY 581

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    Try a bit of car polish on the 'polished areas, CK.

    Weathering will stay in those areas where it will naturally lodge. The polished areas will be.........polished as if by tiny will also darken the green slightly.