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  1. Marc Dobson

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    This is going to be my first Scale 7 project so I'm starting small and achievable I hope.

    The Tramway ran from a junction on the Furness Railway's Lakeside branch, between Greenodd and Haverthwaite, to a gunpowder mill in the Russland Valley near the village of Bouth. The mill dates from before the building of the Lakeside branch, by about 10 years, and soon as the branch was built the mill was linked to it by the standard gauge tramway. There were two places on the tramway were sidings were built but the reason for these is unclear as storing gunpowder vans in unsecured places doesn't make a lot sense. Also these sidings are next to roads so were these sidings for goods for the local population?

    In most the of the historical sources the tramway was horse drawn but in one the use of a locomotive was stated.

    The model
    • The plan is use two base boards that were left over from another project that failed to get off the ground. The scenic area will be 1800mm by 400mm
    • Date of the model 1917-1928
    • One of the sidings to be modelled as if it was one with public access.
    • Locos to be used as working horses to difficult. the types will be a Midland BEL/Ex WD Simplex/Standard gauge Simplex/GER 0-4-0 Tram. Other Powder mills did use locomotives to move wagons, especially in the period post 1916 with the mills coming under government control. So using a small loco would not be with out precedence.
    I will post photos when there is some physical progress.

  2. BrushType4

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    Will be looking forward to seeing your progress. :thumbs:
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    Always good to see another S7 project

  4. Marc Dobson

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    I'm thinking of using code100 FB rail spiked to wooden sleepers but not sure what I should use for track gauges?

  5. Wagonman

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    Contact Karlgarin Models as they do a special 7mm scale Code 100 rail – suitably broader profile.
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  6. Marc Dobson

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    I thought they had stopped trading? They did a Simplex kit which would save developing one of my own. I have a lot of Peco rail as I was going to use it for a 3ft gauge layout of Eskdale Green but it didn't get done as the stock drawings were a little creative should we say.
  7. Jordan

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    I made my own, from aluminium angle with two slots cut in it, carefully measured for gauge. One of these gauges is visible in the left foreground here-

    ...although some of my tracklaying doesn't conform to accepted standards. Not sure this would work in S7...

    This is Code 100 rail (albeit from OO/HO track, rather than true O Scale Code 100 from Kalgarin, so not for Purists.

    :D :thumbs:
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  8. Marc Dobson

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    I made something similar for my aborted 3ft gauge layout and as there doesn't look like there is who is going to disprove what weight of rail used.

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    By the time it's ballasted I don't think anyone would notice.
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    Since all (well, most) S7 locos and stock are fully sprung I don't see why they couldn't manage to negotiate your (prototypically awful) US trackwork...