Bleat Wharf

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  1. chrisb

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    Lovely. Thank you!
  2. NHY 581

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    Bleat Wharf is being used as a bit of a test track to run a few locos about.........and essentially play trains for a bit.

    In this view an Andrew Barclay worries a few 16t mineral wagons. 20190615_085620.png
  3. Pencarrow

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    Mr Barclay looks very sparkly.

    Nice shot.
  4. Captain Kernow

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    Possibly a scene from West Lambton Colliery?
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  5. jonte

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    Puts me very much in mind of something from Ian Allan.

  6. Simpas

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    Aye, very nice indeed....

    Mick S.
  7. NHY 581

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    An unusual visitor to Bleat Wharf. Certainly not the norm... 20190625_222515.png

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  8. GrahameH

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    Nothing unusual with the car Rob !

    Loco looks fab too, another one for the album mate.

  9. NHY 581

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    Thanks Grahame..

    The Well Tank was running pretty poorly when I got it out to give it a canter.

    However, A tweak or two seems to have resolved matters and order is restored.

    These really are lovely models.

  10. NHY 581

    NHY 581 Western Thunderer

    I can report that Bleat Wharf is mainly being used for testing. ..........and for having a bit of fun.

    Rob. 20190714_084556-01-01.jpeg 20190714_085823-02-01-01.jpeg
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  11. NHY 581

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    Very little activity at present but I'm very pleased to report Bleat Wharf appears in this month's BRM.


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  12. Simpas

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    Cracking article - well done.....

    Mick S.
  13. NHY 581

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    Thanks Mick.