Bleat Wharf

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    Evening Tony.

    The wooden hut is the Bachmann Shillingstone parcels office. I've repainted the green woodwork with Humbrol enamel green (80). I've then used powders to weather the rest. Using Humbrol weathering powders,'Sand' has been applied to individual planks. I've then used 'Dark earth' to provide a bit of shading and also to tone down the white windows and the Green paintwork. The roof has had a light dusting of 'Smoke' and 'Dark earth'.
    I've then sprayed the building with matt acrylic varnish to seal the powders.

    Once dry, some of the weathering has been removed from the individual planks and slates using a fibre brush. Varying the pressure varies the lightness of the colour of the planks/slates.

    Hope this helps.

    Rob. 20200109_202020-01.jpeg 20200109_202516-01-01.jpeg 20200109_202241-03.jpeg
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    Smashing stuff, as always, Rob.

    I’m quite fond of the resin model buildings but your finish elevates it to another level.

    Btw, your Pannier also catches my eye. Very realistic. Did you also employ powders here as well?

    Hope you don’t mind my asking.


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    Evening Jonters.

    Thank you for your kind words. The resin buildings are a very good starting point with not much required to add a personal touch.

    The Pannier is as per Bachmann and is as weathered by the factory.
    However, I have a plan. A few bits to add then it will also see a bit of powder.

    I shall detail the upgrade on here.

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    Evening Rob.

    Many thanks.

    Bachman indeed make exemplary models, both on and off the track.

    Kind of you to offer some enlightenment; I’ll look forward to it.


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    Thank you Rob for the information.
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    Morning all.

    A spot of early morning shunting at Bleat Wharf... 20200111_092918-01.jpeg 20200111_092944-02.jpeg 20200111_092558-01.jpeg
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    Morning Rob,

    A quick question if I may, how do you apply the Humbrol weathering powders? I ask because I have seen a YouTube clip of them being used by diluting them with water. I have always thought you basically dabbed some on dry and just spread it around a bit and then sealed with varnish.

  9. NHY 581

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    Hi Martyn.

    I apply the powders dry. I have yet to dilute them.

    I use make up brushes ( I have a selection) rather than paint brushes and blend them in.

    Once happy with finish, I seal them with the lightest of light sprays of matt acrylic varnish.

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    That asks more questions than it answers.
    Is it wearing a Santa hat?
    How did it get the straight line shading across its nose & upper lip?
    Has it been sniffing things?
    And other questions...?

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    Pannier...... 20200112_234351-01.jpeg
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    IMHO that looks spot on, Rob.

    The various warm tones are a delight.

    Puts me in mind of those doing the rounds in the final years of steam at Paddington, in the video I posted recently

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