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  1. JimG

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    I'm looking for a general arrangement drawing of a BR 12T van with corrugated ends. I've dug through the NRM OPC microfiche list but with no luck and I've started on the NRM Derby Carriage Works list but that is hard going with no search facility and nearly 900 pages. :) I've got the Essery LMS wagon books and the Tatlow LNER book, so I have a fair amount of information on the BR van's predecessors, but it would be good to have details of the actual wagon with any differences BR incorporated. I'll also be looking for other early BR wagons but the van will do to start with.

    This has nothing to do with my Caledonian exploits - obviously :) -, but another possible project for S scale.

    Isn't it great how we can access drawings from over a hundred years ago with little problem, but have great difficulty finding ones for railway prototypes built in our own lifetime. :) I've been looking for the drawings for a 303 class "Blue Train" since the 1960s and haven't located one yet. :)

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    I have the NRM Derby C&W list in Excel format - makes searching and filtering much easier!
    Send me a PM with your email address and I'll forward a copy - it's a 3MB file.


    P.S. I have GA's for the STV & SOV open wagons if they are of any use to you.
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  3. AndyB

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    I just discovered today we have a large collection of ex-Charles Roberts drawings on microfilm at work. The originals date from about 1950 to mid 1980's.
    There is no index, but they do basically go in date order and all drawings for a specific wagon appear to be sequential.

    So I had a brief look through and amongst them is the 12T Ventilated van - like the one shown here - Cholsey & Wallingford Railway on the Web
    There are 2 GA's - I haven't looked in detail to spot the differences. Drawing numbers are 3280 & 3305.
    The 'wiggly tin' end detail is shown on drawing 3303, and there are another 20 or so drawings of other details.
    Might these be of use?
    I probably won't be able to get copies until next year now (finish for the hols tomorrow - whoopeeee!!)

    Other wagons found for the UK include a variety of tanks, iron ore, minerals& ballast.
    Wagons for other countries include Ireland (C.I.E.), New Zealand, Uganda & Nigeria - with a corresponding mix of gauges.

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  4. JimG

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    I would be interested. I've just had my first trawl through the Derby C&W list you sent me and dug out quite a few wagon drawings which might be general arrangements, but no van so far. So any drawings you can source would be 0f great use - with the "wiggly tin" details. :) I don't think I would need all the detail drawings, the detail on a good GA drawing usually being sufficient if there are dimensions. But the "wiggly tin" end detail in No.3303 would be of great help since it would avoid having to second guess the shapes of the corrugations from a GA and pictures.

    The details for the van will be enough to be going on with at the moment. The S Scale MRS has a 16T mineral wagon kit available which I'm re-ordering at the moment and getting an underframe for it from Justin Newitt at Rumney Models, and there was a 20T brake van etch from Connoisseur which was re-scaled from their 4mm product a few years ago and I'm hoping the photo tools are still around for a few more etches. So these three wagons represent, probably, the most recognisable designs from the early BR period. Other designs might be considered but I would like to get these three available first. :)

    I also note that, concurrently, Dan Randall is going down the same road, but in 7mm scale. :)

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    Ooooh, that's interesting! I'd be interested in whatever you can obtain tank-wise, particularly of the 45T monobloc oil variety, please or the Hydrocyanic Acid tanks in the TRL 51435-49 series, in particular.
  6. AndyB

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    You'll need to help me out a bit - I 'do' pre-grouping Midland and LMS up to about 1928, so my knowledge of 'modern' stuff is a bit limited.
    Some pointers such as when these were built (within a couple of years), 4-wheeled or bogie, and who they were first sold to (I've found the customer name is usually in the title block) would help. A link to a photo somewhere (if one exists on t'interweb) would also help me know that I've found the right thing.

  7. Pugsley

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    4 Wheeled, sold to Tiger Leasing, constructed 1965 to diagram TT022C would be the best one. No pictures, I'm afraid, they seem to have been particularly camera shy.

    They'll l0ok a bit like this though:
    1980s COLOURSLIDE - Bill Watson
  8. AndyB

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    Give me a reminder mid-January when I'm back at work and all this Christmas malarkey is out of the way - then I'll see what's to be found.

  9. Pugsley

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    That'd be awesome, thanks.
  10. Mike Hughes

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    The HMRS might have something as well.
  11. AndyB

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    Is this what you're after?
    Drawings dated late 1964 / early 1965. 15 wagons (numbered 400-414)
    The customer is shown as 'Tank Rentals Ltd', rather than Tiger Leasing. And the livery is for ICI.
    Attached is an extract from the Painting & Lettering drawing - hope you can see enough (the original microfiche is not very clear, our m/fiche scanner is in dire need of some maintenance and I've had to scale it down to fit the forum picture size limits) to confirm.
    Send me your email address on a PM for the full-size scans.


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  12. AJC

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    Tank Rentals became (or was brought by?) by Tiger Leasing so that could well be right. A useful drawing.