Brettell Road, 1960s black country (ish)

Discussion in 'Layout Progress' started by Jim S-W, 29 August 2014.

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    Can you get to scaleforum in September?
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    Been a bit quiet around here recently as I've been busy on the run up to Scaleforum in 2 weeks time.

    A few weeks ago Phil kindly let me set up the layout at his house for a pre-show shakedown. I have to be honest it all went very well indeed with some great feedback and suggestions from the guys who will be helping at scaleforum. The main thing I wanted to decide on, and the operators were pivotal to this decision was if the layout was going to have a roof or not. I think we all decided it should so a roof is currently under construction. Another thing changed for the show is the point motors. Although the ones I had didn't give any trouble I decided to switch them over to tortoises for reliability. There are an awful lot on Calcutta siding 2 (there was an awful lot on Calcutta sidings 1 as well!) and they have never given any trouble. I've also set up routes (no laptop required, you can do it with digitrax) so hopefully we will at least create the impression that we know what we are doing!

    What about building bridges? Well that's what I have been doing. The bridges on the layout are perhaps the ultimate example of how far away from the original idea Brettell road has come. I could have just used a pile of wills verigirders and got on with it but I really wanted to get back to etching things after several years so I drew up 4 different designs.

    Starting from the left hand end, this is going to be the road over bridge.
    Next is the footbridge. These 2 bridges and their locations take inspiration (and measurements) from the bridges at Moor Street Sidings.
    moving to the canal. this will be the bridge that carries the branchline over the canal. Its based on one close to home that's the other side of where the real Brettell Lane station used to be.
    Finally the bridges for the sidings themselves. This is based on one at round oak.
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    Good call Jim - your etched bridges, festooned with rivets, look superb! :thumbs:


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    Ah, the Will's Vari-Girder. One of those modelerisms I'd cheerfully never set eyes on again. These are superb, Jim.

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    Just keeps getting better Jim
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    Hi Jim, on page 7 you mention using brass from Eileen's for guttering. Could you tell me which you use - the half round or the 'c' channel?
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