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    Only 4 weeks left to dead line advance tickets 16 Jan 2019 any thing post mark later will be returned as we cant guarantee delivery when cashing cheques Bristol show Jan 27 2019 full details we have just been given over flow parking which details are not on www. at the main campus (Coldharbour road entrance ) which would entail a walk through the Uni grounds. That puts it under the black lines on map below turning left at second set of lights from junction 1 M32. if you are already on exhibition site you have to leave site onto ring road you can only go left around the round about come back to second lights and turn right entrance on right at roundabout
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    Morning Bob.

    Never having been to the show or the area before, I'm struggling with the above, especially as all the lines on the map appear to be black..

    I take it the route will be sign posted?

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    The UWE is well signed in the area and yes there were signs the last time I went

    At least it's just off the motorway and you don't have to go anywhere near the centre of Bristol. We will be down for the day from Yorkshire, weather permitting
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    Hi Rob the map is off of one of our flyers it does say M4 junction 19 .Only way off is M32. Then at junction 1 M32 you need to go around the round about. slip road at 3rd set of lights and our signs take over the UWE does not like us to sign out side since a collectors fair they had put up signage on the motor way and the council issued the management with some kind of court order. The entrance you are looking for is North entrance /exhibition and conference centre. we advise come early as parking is a premium this year we have an over flow parking but it is via the main campus gate . Car parks 2 and 3 which most people would have passed the turning( back at the second set of lights) via main gate internal parking signs show way .but have to walk across campus we hope to increase existing signage on this walk. Bring a coat if weather is ify as it is open and we are at the edge of town not much cover. The good news is all parking is free, park tidy its not Sainsbury's Hope you have a good visit Bob Savage
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  5. Threadmark: map in for over flow parking Bristol
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    hope you get a good trip see pdf below for over flow parking Route
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    Over flow parking

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    Many thanks Bob.


    Thank you.

  9. GrahameH

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    Does this mean you could be tempted over to the DARK SIDE mate ?

    A good show worth visiting, Oh! Don't leave your wallet at home though !
  10. NHY 581

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    Morning Grahame,

    I still want to do the Culm Valleyesque thing, therefore I can see me doing the O gauge thing. I will look to this show to give me a better idea about things. ( Whilst acknowledging the marvellous advice already obtained from a number of good people)

    It's the day after I am exhibiting Sheep Lane in Cardiff so a good weekend of railway modelling is looking likely.

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  11. Paul Cambridge

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    Morning Bob,

    Bristol will be a good introduction to 7mm modelling, though I confess I’m not planning to come myself this year. It will give you a good feel for the traders in this scale and what they offer.

    The Culm Vally is an excellent subject for a first attempt in 7mm scale is all the stations are simple and Hemyock had a layout which makes operating that is tricky compared to other small termini.

    Warning: once you sample 7mm scale, it becomes addictive and can well result in a lowering of interest in 4mm scale!
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    Just as a follow up to Bob's excellent map, as (if) you travel from the M32 along the A4174, the second set of traffic lights will take you to the over flow car parks,the third is the usual entrance to the show. Hope this helps:D


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    The Bristol show sees the debut of the Riviera Line, well the first complete section plus the basic frame of the second section. Showing a before and after.
    I’ll be on hand to discuss any and all aspects of the layouts construction and the future operations.
    Look forward to seeing you all there
  14. Prairie Tank

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    Sue and I are really looking forward to this show. I have heard a lot of good things about it. Be great to see The Riviera Line.

    John :)
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    I note that Trainline says that there is a bus for rail replacement service on the Sunday between Didcot and Swindon.
  16. Steph Dale

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    I'm not sure that'll actually affect many people as there are still direct services from Paddington/Swindon to South Wales via Bristol Parkway. It's also possible to reach Parkway via Temple Meads and changing to a local train (to Parkway) or even a bus (to the UWE site - you'd have to walk through/round to the venue). In either case it seems to be taking a little longer than the direct route...

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    Re rail services------------------ALL DAY Sunday between Paddington/South Wales--diverted AND NOT calling Didcot/Swindon/Chippenham/Bristol Parkway replacement buses .Some services amended, others WONT RUN-------use the jam jar instead------unless you like buses...........BW
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    latest update spent hour on hold ( First bus, bus lane access )so as we can run a second bus service from car parks 2/3 to show. so you wont get lost chasing students for directions. We haven't used these car parks before but we have lost an area to the rear of show due to high level of security in what they do so please bear with us ..
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    if you come by bus walk away from bus terminal the way you arrived and your on the route of the vintage bus link to show from over flow car parks hope this helps see reply further down
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    Bob - Will the show be signed from the road? In previous years it's been a bit difficult to find unless you actually know where it is, if you see what I mean. Not that I've ever been unable to find it - eventually.

    Unfortunately the post code is the square root of no help at all.:)

    On the other hand this is the best and most civilised (and possibly the most friendly) of locations for a show - IMHO, of course.