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Discussion in 'Area 51' started by BrushType4, 9 September 2011.

  1. Yorkshire Dave

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    Will you be making steps so you can double stack them?


    And the corrugated container version?

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  2. BrushType4

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  3. BrushType4

    BrushType4 Western Thunderer

    Glazed and ready for black coat and the door.
    F146E847-FC90-484D-9A95-6EDFF08C8A40.jpeg E8B93455-9E79-43D2-AF9D-B5D746ABFA72.jpeg D8796306-8FE2-4C48-B6C0-67C9FD207982.jpeg
  4. Pencarrow

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    Looks good. Don't forget that most portacabins these days generally have metal mesh grills over the windows and metal shutters that can be locked over them. (plus much mud on the floors)
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  5. BrushType4

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    Rushed it a bit this morning and managed to drop it too.. :rant:

    Anyway. As a quick mock up it’s not too bad.

    29F7DC43-84C0-4E7A-9C43-6EF7F25FBEA2.jpeg 9D4DB9FB-43EC-41F2-823F-B172CCFF359A.jpeg B160987D-075C-40EF-AA43-FA435FEFB556.jpeg
  6. Osgood

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    Never mind portacabins - what's with the LNWR sheds on the website?
    Is this the 'factory northlight wall panel'?
    Do you have any complete buildings schemed out, or are these intended for use with bespoke designs?

  7. BrushType4

    BrushType4 Western Thunderer

    Yes, it’s Northlight wall panel. No kits in stock but I can get some ready once my backlog is clear.