Burnishing Pens

Discussion in 'Resources' started by Lancastrian, 24 July 2020.

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    My apologies to be pedantic - only one glass fibre brush - plus a steel one, a nylon one and a brass one. :oops: Just in case you were expecting 4 glass fibre brushes.
  3. Lancastrian

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    Hi Adrian,

    Still 4 pens though, and I'd be pretty sure the refills are standard sizes. I have loads of refills, I just required a replacement pen as the plastic fractured on the one I have/had.

    For the pedant in you, that's why I titled it Burnishing Pens... :D

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  4. Peter Cross

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    If it's to get pens it's fine, but the nylon and brass brushes are or I have found, useless. Never tried the steel one in a pen.
  5. Pencarrow

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    I have used the brass and steel ones to distress plasticard to get a wood grain in the buildings I make. Not the intended use...
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    Just ordered three from here
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    Fibreglass scratch brushes are the spawn of the Devil, they were banned from my place of work due to so many people developing septic wounds from the glass splinters in their fingers. The splinters get everywhere, all over your workbench and clothes. Best thing is not to put too much solder on your work.
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  8. Allen M

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    Hi all
    I gave up on the scratch brush pencil a long tine ago. Now only used as a last resort when it is impossible to get in with anything else.
    I now use the string wrapped type, see link (other suppliers and sizes are available). However before I start to use it I rub PVA wood glue into the string and allow to dry. When using there are virtually no glass splinters and the residue is just dust easily brushed off before final wash.

    Glassfibre Stick String Wound 18mm dia - Eileens Emporium

    Allen Morgan
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  9. Arty

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    Good tip
  10. Pencarrow

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    I soak the fiberglass refills in diluted PVA and then leave them to dry. Really cuts down on the splinters.
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    Same, works well!
    Edit to say I buy good quality ones too, and there is a difference! (I can't remember where from right now though)

    Rob (Deano)
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  12. John Johnson

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    Hello all,
    I have had my current burnishing/scratch pen for donkeys years, probably 30 or more, and its coming to the end of its life, I don't know how it has lasted so long. With this in mind I bought a new one (the red 3 sided type with a crome nozzle), at one of the shows and its rubbish. The problem with it is that the nozzle is 4.85mm and the refills, that seem widely available are 4mm. I find that this causes the refills to waddle about which reduces the performance and sheds far more fibreglass splinters than the old one, resulting in much higher consumption of sellotape to remove it from your fingers! My old one was yellow, eight sided and has the name THOMAS 790 on one side.

    Does anyone know where I can obtain a THOMAS 790 (or a handful) before I chuck the red one in the gash bin.

    On the subject of the string type, I have wrapped mine tightly with electricians PVC tape, which not only keeps the string in order but greatly redices the pesky splinters.

    Regards John J