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    Simpas Western Thunderer

    Yes, I'll see you there and really looking forward to seeing Hollywell Town. I have the Wild Swan back issue that contains the article over which I have many times pored....

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    Simpas Western Thunderer

    A thoosand aplogeez te yiz aal, coss a hevn't posted fa ages lyk.....

    (I'm very very sorry to everyone because I have not been able to do any updates until now.)

    Do you want chapter and verse? - well probably not... but a brief resume perhaps. Chelford was followed by a change of role for me, completely off topic I know but I was for few weeks a carer for Yvonne who had a knee replacement in June and I had to keep her from being silly so off we went on holiday in the little caravan. Thorntonloch, Devon, Innerleithen, Colchester, back to Innerleithen, this time on grandparenting duties because she (that's the good lady) was walking and making pretty good progress - and then we did indeed manage the Isle of Man holiday we should have had last year but had postponed because of a lack of mobility. So there you are, poor excuse eh..? Mrs S. is now well on the way to a good recovery thanks in no small part to her determination and discipline and this is probably going to be the only time I can say something that sounds as though there has been little or no improvement where in fact the reverse is the case. Here it is then "Yvonne's knee better..."

    Right, back to business as they say. Last time out I promised to expound on the struggle to get ballasting done the way I wanted it and for the 'main line' it was dead easy using my tried and tested silica sand and the usual method of fixing was always to 'mist' some water + washing up liquid as a wetting agent then drip 50/50 mix pva and it's never let me down. But you know how you fancy trying something different just because..... I watched a ballasting demo at a show where the operator was using Deluxe Materials Ballast Bond and it seemed to work fine on 'OO' with not a hint of messy water and sludge anywhere. When I tried it at home disaster struck - the solution grabbed the ballast, not everywhere, but in enough places to make me fear I might have to stop and have a serious think about how to avoid further carnage. In the end I added some washing up liquid to the Ballast Bond and just went ever so steady with it. I think I got away with it but you can let me know what you think when you see a few pictures. I'm sure there's nothing wrong with Deluxe Materials product, I just asked a bit much of it - silica sand is quite fine. However, if you are going to use it for very fine ballast add a bit of the soapy stuff.

    The last fortnight or so has seen a bit more activity, in addition to playing trains at RailexNE last weekend on Montagu Fields, a 'OO' railway owned and built by Steve Driver a friend of mine from north o' the border. It was a good day out with the '57 Study Group', not to mention the curry on the Saturday night....!

    Last time I was offered a little advice re the sea moss trees which I wasn't particularly happy when Paul MP said spray with browns and greys. Well I took the advice and did a bit of spraying. Below you see the 'before and after' - not the same trees mind. Before the painting I applied a bit of out of the tube polyfilla. A definite improvement - thanks Paul.

    P1050728a.jpg P1050729a.jpg

    I'm also in the process of rebuilding the bus depot as here. First shot is where I am up to now and the second shows what a mess these things can be underneath... this is my usual material for buildings, card and brickpaper



    This next picture will tell you whether or not I've 'got away' with the ballasting. The picture was taken primarily to illustrate the lever frame and point rodding which was written up by Laurie Adams in a recent MRJ, quite effective. The lever frame was given to me by Alan Whitehouse when he knew I was going to include the rodding, which is a bit fiddly but well worth the effort.


    Here's a view from the fiddle looking toward the station, on the right and the explosives siding on the left. These shots are always a little difficult and I probably wouldn't publish an image like this anywhere else but it does show where I am with things. Need to press on because I'm off to a 2mm extravaganza at Railwells this coming weekend - the whole of John Greenwood's Bodmin & Wadebridge Railway - well worth the trip alone. Lots of other good stuff too, Railwells is one of the best shows around.


    Finally, tonight - I have made a start on weathering the sound fitted class 40. Not finished by any stretch of the imagination but I'm happy with the way it's coming along. The Maskol hadn't been removed from the windows at this stage.


    I realise my absence from most things has meant I've not kept up to date with what everyone else is doing but I am hoping to put that right soon.

    Do call and chat at Wells if you're going along this weekend.

    Mick S.
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  3. Matt.S.

    Matt.S. Member

    Nice to see you back posting Mick, I really enjoy your style of writing. Callaton is looking good, if only my cameo had got past procrastination...
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    Simpas Western Thunderer

    Thanks Matt, this is supposed to be a 'quickie' layout - but it's already 18 months old - even in retirement life gets in the way...!

    An enjoyable exercise none the less, especially watching the superb models taking shape on this forum - it's grand, is it not?

    Mick S.
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  5. BCN-Pete

    BCN-Pete Western Thunderer

    The layout looked terrific at Railwells Mick and thanks for letting me have a play whilst you went to get some tucker - it all ran silky smooth and looks great...one of the main reasons for me attending the show was when you said it would feature.

    Smaller than I thought from the pics which is testament to the detail you have managed to capture in a small space.

    And as for the sound chipped 40 :eek: Superb...just trying to justify one now...(I do have a pic of one on a Rail excursion to Kyle :D)

    Great to have a catch up with you and thanks for the advice on turnout operation - I left inspired to get cracking again with my 2mmFS Meeth micro.

    A few pics from me...





    Superb stuff,

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    Simpas Western Thunderer

    Pete, thanks very much for your post and the pictures - wasn't Railwells a cracking show (as usual) I thoroughly enjoyed it.

    I'll reply to your other mails as soon as possible and would have responded to this sooner but couldn't, 'cos wor lass hadiz oot aal mornin spending ackers on a new fridge...! (Yvonne wanted to visit Currys this morning to purchase a new refridgerator).

    You're welcome to come and play trains anytime and I'm over the moon you have revisited your 'meeth micro'.

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  7. Alan

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    Looking good.
  8. Simpas

    Simpas Western Thunderer

    Thanks Alan, I'm struggling for proper spare time just now but hopefully trying to keep up with what else is going on hereabouts.

    Mick S
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    Simpas Western Thunderer

    Another period of absence - where's ee been...? Az retired n still got nee idea where the time gaans (how time flies, even in retirement...!) I have been to a couple of shows though in addition to grandparenting and although it has been two months, HOO LANG...? (How long?) I have done one or two things by way of starting to add detail to this miniscule scene and also seen how well everyone else is doing with the pleasurable bits that take the time. Some cracking modelling going on here generally.

    Although not posting I have managed to take a few pictures to enable 'before and after' views. The first one shows a close up of the bus depot boundary wall as first built. It is quite simply 1.5mm card with Howard Scenics brick paper stuck on. The curved brick top course is 'Evergreen' half round plastic cut into individual pieces and needs (in my humble opinion) to be stuck on before the brick paper. I choose two part epoxy resin glue for this job because plastic sometimes has a bit of a job sticking to card and in the past when I've applied brick paper first there's always the chance that the messy process of epoxying can ruin the brick paper finish. Crap parking by the geezer in the Land Rover - unecessary obstruction I would have said...!


    The wall, while attempting to be a 6' 6" tall affair, is remarkably short on support so I made myself some brick supports as seen below using the same thickness card and wrapped in brick paper. The second shot shows the simplicity with which the support buttresses were made. I do use the Swan Morton for just about everything but there are times when advantage can be had by using a single sided blade which is a bit thinner. Such is the case here where the overlapping brick paper can be ever so gently cut off without disturbing the edge of the card using something of a sawing movement. The tops were chamfered and the paper just followed the angle of the chamfer, which was as you might expect guesswork..!


    Here is the almost completed wall with supports and, for good measure, a second wall at right angles to the main structure ostensibly to provide a bit more stability, but as a bonus I will be able to add other scenic features in. Needs a bit more in the way of weathering admittedly but then the painted surface of the depot yard needs a bit of attention too.......


    I think I'm OK with the white lines that need to go on the centre of the road but has anyone any ideas about how I achieve double yellow lines because I can see the bloke in the land rover's 'ganna be trouble....!'

    Mick S
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