Cameo competition - question for 'Cameo Continuers'

Discussion in 'Discussion' started by chrisb, 9 February 2019.

  1. chrisb

    chrisb Western Thunderer

    I received an email notification this afternoon that my entry is "insufficiently developed". I understand there are 18 other entries in this category and I'm curious...

    Were any of the other 18 entrants who post on this forum contacted by any of the judges to ascertain exactly how close to completion their entries are?
  2. Simon

    Simon Flying Squad

    Hi Chris

    No, not directly, we went from the last "situation report" and what we could see here, from RMweb and from direct submissions and contacts with some entries that we were not clear about, so to that extent I guess the answer to your question is a yes.

    If we haven't got it completely right then I apologise, but time had become of the essence and Railex needed to know what was going to be exhibited.

    I may be giving something away here, but your entry is/was highly rated and is one of those that we are particularly keen to see develop.

    Which now sounds bad for everyone else in that situation:oops:

    In truth the whole business had become something of a leviathan that I had started to have bad dreams about....

    But please feel free to discuss further by email or PM if you wish:confused:

  3. chrisb

    chrisb Western Thunderer

    I think I need to step back and reflect before responding in detail.