Chiltern Model Railway Exhibition - Stevenage January 12th &13th 2019

Discussion in 'Exhibitions' started by Ian Smith, 31 December 2018.

  1. Ian Smith

    Ian Smith Western Thunderer

    There doesn't seem to be a thread for this exhibition, so I thought I'd start one!


    Full details of the exhibition can be found on their website
    Chiltern Model Railway Exhibition 2019

    Among the many other attractions, I'll be taking my 2mmFS layout "Modbury" along for its 3rd public outing

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  2. Alan

    Alan Western Thunderer

    I hope to be there on Sunday, !looking forward to seeing Tollesbury.
  3. AJC

    AJC Western Thunderer

    It looks as though I'll be along on Saturday to see what looks as though it will be an excellent show (and yes, Ian, I'm especially looking forward to seeing Modbury again).

  4. Yorkshire Dave

    Yorkshire Dave Western Thunderer

    Is this the show which used to be held in Snorbans (St Albans)?
  5. AJC

    AJC Western Thunderer

    As I understand it, yep. It's an excellent event.

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  6. Christopher Payne

    Christopher Payne New Member

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  7. PMP

    PMP Western Thunderer

    Yup, it is. And as Adam says it is an excellent show, usually has a very good cross section of trade and layouts well worth traveling for.
  8. Alan

    Alan Western Thunderer

    I totally agree, well worth the 240 mile round trip I'll be making on Sunday.
  9. Yorkshire Dave

    Yorkshire Dave Western Thunderer

    I could easily travel from Leeds to Stevenage however Northern Rail effectively scuppers the journey from home to Leeds with their Happy New Year Saturday strikes.
  10. John K

    John K Western Thunderer

    NB Tomorrow and Sunday
    Engineering works all weekend will affect people travelling to Stevenage from north of Biggleswade.

    Copied from the website
    Engineering work is taking place between Biggleswade and Peterborough, closing all lines.
    Long distance services will be diverted via an alternative route, with buses operating for local stations between Biggleswade and Peterborough.
    Buses replace trains between Biggleswade and Peterborough. Train services between Biggleswade and London Kings Cross will run with revised times.

    John K
  11. Arun

    Arun Western Thunderer

    Thanks John - That's useful as I'm on the DEMU stand on Sunday
  12. oldravendale

    oldravendale Western Thunderer

    I visited yesterday and had a good day. I thought the layouts to be of a uniformly high standard. One in particular caught my eye and was the only one which caused me to get the camera out. Here's a few shots of Cadiford Water, in OO. Any trains were purely incidental!

    As one who loves the dereliction of the creeks and small harbours around the UK this caught the atmosphere perfectly - for me at least.

    IMG_20190112_145013997.jpg IMG_20190112_145030818.jpg IMG_20190112_145134988.jpg IMG_20190112_145148620.jpg IMG_20190112_145207037.jpg

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  13. adrian

    adrian Flying Squad

    Somebody has spent an awful lot of time on this - it looks superb, all the little details, the detritus on the ropes, footprints in the silt etc. Thanks for posting.
  14. adrianmc

    adrianmc New Member

    Hi All,

    Just to let you know that the 2019 Chiltern Model Railway Exhibition photographic retrospective has just been uploaded to the CMRA website.

    The retrospective features photographs of all forty layouts, members of the trade, demonstrators and society stands.

    All photographs were taken over the two days of the exhibition and we hope you find them worthy of viewing?

    Provisional details of the CMRA 2020 show have also been uploaded.

    Chiltern Model Railway Exhibition 2020
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