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    This is my first modelling post on Western Thunder. The attached photographs show a Minerva RTR 0 gauge riveted 57XX. It has been modified to represent an unfitted 67XX based at 86B Newport Pill shed. The main modification was to change the screw coupling to a simple chain and to fit the Bagnall manufacturer's plates to the front splashers. As exclusively freight engines, they were usually filthy and I have tried to simulate this. The number, shed code and manufacturer's plates are by Narrow Planet and the crew figures are ModelU. The bucket and fire-irons come with the model. It is equipped with a ZIMO sound decoder loaded with the exclusive pannier sound project designed by Paul Chetter for Minerva. I have included a photo of the loco before weathering.

    6724 weathered 1.jpg 6724 weathered 2.jpg 6724 weathered 3.jpg 6724 weathered 4.jpg 6724 weathered 5.jpg 6724 weathered 6.jpg 6724 weathered 7.jpg 6724 weathered 8.jpg 6724 ex-works front.jpg
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    Top notch Mr Klein.
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    'Here's looking at you kid.'
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    Here is my posse of panniers, all of which are Minerva, on Cwm Bach. 6724 is as described above.

    7788 is a welded tank 57XX depicting the prototype locomotive that was still wearing GWR insignia in 1961 while working the Upton-on-Severn branch from Ashchurch. She carried a BR smokebox numberplate, but the shedcode plate was missing. This model is powered by the Proto-Cab wireless system so track is an optional extra for running this engine. I am happy to post more about Proto-Cab elsewhere if wanted.

    3753 is the later 8750 version fitted with the exclusive Paul Chetter pannier ZIMO sound decoder. The crew on all three locos and the headlamps are ModelU. The South Wales target discs are made from Markits brass Southern Railway indicator discs.

    Major K

    Trio of Panniers 2.jpg Trio of Panniers 3.jpg Trio of Panniers 4.jpg
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    Great stuff, I’m a big fan of the plucky little pannier. Thanks for posting these.

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    Some photos of my O Gauge Taff Vale A class 0-6-2T at Cwm Bach. She is built from the Dragon Models kit.

    TV A weathered -001.jpg TV A weathered -003.jpg TV A weathered -004.jpg TV A weathered -005.jpg
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    Well, I think I shall call it a day on the weathering of 3702 by Minerva. I do like the very fine guard rails protecting the bunker windows.


    3702 Weathering Finished 2.jpg 3702 Weathering Finished 3.jpg 3702 Weathering Finished 4.jpg 3702 Weathering Finished 5.jpg
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    I think top to bottom on this page shows a terrific level of observation with regard to the weathering, and demonstrates great skill in the application.

    It shows, to my mind at least, just how much good weathering lifts a model.

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    This also demonstrates the good side of weathering your own models - you can vary the degree and style of weathering to replicate locos and rolling stock at any given stage in their operating life. Unlike the monotonous uniformity of the factory airbrushed weathered models.

    Furthermore you can also replicate the loco shed idiosyncrasies. I've see photographs of LBSC Terrier 32636 where, although given a BR number plate, the crew did not clean the leading 3 thereby leaving the old SR number 2636 visible.
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    Not locos, but a brace of Minerva 0 gauge RTR GWR Iron Minks and a Gunpowder Van weathered and ready for dispatch to a customer.


    AM 3 Minerva Minks.jpg AM GPV.jpg AM Iron Mink 1.jpg AM Iron Mink 2.jpg
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    Wow...superb Chris

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