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Discussion in 'Resources' started by TheSnapper, 2 April 2020.

  1. TheSnapper

    TheSnapper Western Thunderer

    Treated myself to a bit of retail therapy this week & commissioned a Faded Blue Dapol 08 from Chris Stringer after seeing his work on Facebook:


    He is very reasonably priced and currently has a Heljan DRS Class33 for sale @ £465 inc p&p

    Search for Christopher Stringer on Facebook,or e-mail

    I have no connection other than a happy customer.


    Note: All photos © Christopher Stringer

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  2. john lewsey

    john lewsey Western Thunderer

    Great finish on both models
  3. Osgood

    Osgood Western Thunderer

    Especially the greasy 'mud' that covered the frames that could be an inch or more thick at times. Lovely work!
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  4. 3 LINK

    3 LINK Western Thunderer

    Evening Tim,

    I noticed that 08 on Facebook the other day and I must say the weathering looks amazing, so life like. Have you got a layout for it to run on?


  5. TheSnapper

    TheSnapper Western Thunderer

    Yes, of course...well, no not really....well, sort of....

    I have a unfinished/unstarted (ie no scenery or buildings etc) 14ft long "layout"in my loft.
    The plan is based on Ian Futer's "Victoria Park".
    This acts as my basic test-track for DCC installations etc., which as you know, is my main interest.
    If further testing if necessary, running rights are usually permitted on Heyside, in normal non-COVID19 times, that is.
    Over the last year or so, I have been in the process of extending my "layout" into a U-shape, with storage sidings, in order to accommodate all the stock I have accumulated.
    (Thinks: Why do we do this? Maybe I'll need to have a purge sometime... ).


  6. 3 LINK

    3 LINK Western Thunderer

    Please do not overthink your above quote, next thing we will hear is that you have sold all your 7mm stuff and gone over to 2mm fs :D.
    I think we all need a treat in these worrying times, and the 08 was your treat. I must admit my credit card has been busy over the last week of two, no major purchases but things to hopefully improve the layout and to keep me busy.

    A while back I booked a cottage up near Bridgnorth for the end of August so I could have a couple of days on the Severn Valley and then upto Telford for the weekend. So fingers crossed we will all be back to some form of normality by then. I was hoping you might be able to convert a 8F to DCC for me, have I already asked you this or did I dream it? :rolleyes: Crumbs my memory is terrible, anyway I hope this finds you well and keep in touch.


  7. TheSnapper

    TheSnapper Western Thunderer

    Hi Martyn

    PM sent