Civil Airliners - or Now for Something Completely Different

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    I take it that was with a BA aircraft? :eek:

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    It was (accident was c1999). The SAS 767 was damaged too.
    At most major US airports, the rules seemed to be that aircraft that were capable of being moved under their own power must be taxied not towed. This one was being repositioned back onto a departure gate at EWR (Newark NJ) and was being taxied by a mechanic!
    If you think of the ground area (length x wingspan) occupied by a B747 as a moving 'box', it covers more than an acre of ground.
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    I remember a jumbo breaking away from a tug and crashing into another one, don't know how it did that as it had an engineer onboard the flight deck.
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    Brakes on the B747 are hydraulically operated. If the towed aircraft hydraulic systems are not pressurised (and they wouldn't normally be when under tow) the presence of a mechanic is probably irrelevant.
    See later posts for a correction!
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    Where I work it is a case of there but for the grace of whatever entity you believe in go I!!!
    I still love it!! Airside is still damn sexy!!!
    The Big C meant I am on the loading bay doing security stuff so I'm not playing airside, hopefully that will change soon.

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    Sorry to butt in, but I've been thinking about this ever since I read it. It's depressing quite how much I've forgotten, especially after too long on the gallic pretender, but didn't the Classics have an Aux (Electric) pump to pressurise sys 4 for brakes in case of towbar snapping? Assuming APU was not supplying an ADP that is.
    I'm sure ours were never tugged without someone covering brakes in the cockpit.
    Not that it matters really, except as a howgozit on a crumbling memory!
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    You're absolutely right! I'm going to plead advancing years in defence and the fact that it was a facility that, operationally, I don't recall ever using. As for cover in the cockpit, it still requires the tow crew member in the cockpit to be sitting with seat adjusted correctly to cover such an event!
    The 'new' B787 doesn't have hydraulic brakes at all - they're all-electric!
    Thanks for the reminder and correction - I've modified my earlier post
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    Phew, that's a relief. Every day brings up a micro check on the little grey cells and it's nice to still get the odd success!
    An ageing rock god once said 'If marijuana wrecks the short term memory, what does marijuana do?' but the rock 'n roll years completely passed me by unfortunately so it's simply down to age in my case.
    Now, where did I leave the house keys?
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    There are two indications that you're losing your memory. One is that you can't remember things, but I can't remember what the second thing is.