Copenhagen Fields Bill Blackburn Rolling stock theft

Discussion in 'Talk' started by Tim Watson, 16 October 2017.

  1. Tim Watson

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    Whilst unloading the van carrying “Copenhagen Fields” at the Model Railway Club in London N1, on the evening of 15/10/17, an opportunist thief stole a small black and aluminium case containing 81 wagons and three coaches. These were made by the late Bill Blackburn. They were of enormous sentimental value to his family. He made them with great love and painstaking care. We are particularly sad because, after his death last December, they were a very important part of his legacy to his grandchildren.

    We hope that someone will come forward with information about their whereabouts so that they can be returned.

    Each item has a conspicuous yellow dot painted on the underside. They are all to 2mm : 1ft fine scale standards and will not run on N gauge track. They are exquisite examples of work in the scale. If you hear of a collection of ‘N gauge wagons’ being sold please let me know.

    Please share widely.
  2. Martin Long

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    So sad to hear of this. I hope they are recovered.

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    So sorry to hear that, Tim. I hope that they are recovered, but also that the thief is caught.