Corwen 7mm Wagon w.b.

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    Simon - why not have a go at underpainting the corners in a darker colour before applying the top coat so when applying weathering washes the corners will darken further. When using Vallejo model colour paints for washes I've found a brushful of Tamiya acrylic thinners in the paint/water wash mix is far better than using the Vallejo acrylic thinners.

    I'm beginning to use the underpainting technique more frequently before applying top coats to achieve an effect I'm after. After all, if underpainting was good enough for the 17th century Dutch masters then it's good enough for me.
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    Thanks Dave,

    It’s an interesting idea, but a bit late for the Mica as I put the base coat on last week!

    I think there’s probably a range of techniques that can, maybe have-to-be, employed using acrylics. I used the airbrush last night to waft some Vallejo Matt varnish over the transfers, and then to add some Matt earth over the underframe, lightly over the lower sides, and up the ends a little. I’ll have a go with washes next, which hopefully will start to highlight/lowlight the plank lines, hinges, doorstops, etc, and sort out the roof which is far too white!


    So far, I guess I’m sticking to what I know rather than trying ideas like pre-shading.
    Note to self.
    “Do what you’ve always done, get what you always got..”

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    The elderly lime wagon, which was weathered a few weeks ago, was further upgraded today with a private owner number on a black patch plus additional weathering. Lack of better information led me to give it a fictional number, but at least it looks far more at home in a BR setting now....

    WEB Wagon 16.jpg

    This wagon will be used for carrying bagged cement instead of lime...
    WEB Wagon 58B.jpg
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    Thanks to PhilH, we were able to share an order for something invaluable when painting wagons....Dullcote...

    WEB Testors matt.jpg