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Discussion in 'WR Action' started by LarryG, 17 May 2019.

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    Having put off commenting for days I can no longer resist the urge. The plastic sprue left in the verandah end wall has pushed me over the edge. It needs to be cut out, and would have been easier when flat on the bench. I am not going to tell anyone how to model as there are as many ways of going about things as as there are people but the comments about using the Parkside kit as a fill in until Dapol produce one strikes me as an odd thing to do. Parkside O scale (and Slaters and Peco) kits make up into accurate models with a little bit of work. Some parts can be replaced to suit the builders preferences but nearly all the kits are fundamentally accurate. It may be a different mindset but the process of building the kits is a pleasurable experience in itself. A bit of research to check if there is anything needing to be changed or upgraded to suit the chosen prototype and a little bit more time to make sure the corner joints, for example, fit together without gaps will produce an outstanding model. Probably at least as good or better than any RTR model. If built well a good kit will stand up to any comparison with a RTR version. The BR standard brake van is an example of this, to me the Dapol version looks too chunky around the end verandahs and the side planking looks a bit heavily rendered so I think there is definately still a place for the more subtly tooled Slaters kit version. If you just wanted a placeholder Toad van a Lima one could have done the job, it isn't accurate in any way but it is recognisable as a Toad. I haven't mentioned painting as you obviously have the painting side of things well under control.

    Apologies for the rant.
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    Oh dear,

    Weighted, glazed, and roof glued on. Finally, the sprue had served it purpose and could be removed....
    WEB Toad 22.jpg
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    Well thought out Larry, it makes perfect sense to leave the (offending ?) sprue in place to support the delicate curved roof rib until the roof is fixed in place permanently. Possibly some people wouldn't have thought of that.
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    I haven't built the Parkside Toad, but if the curved roof rib is as delicate as the one on the Websters kit then I too would have left the offending spruce in place until I had attached the roof.

    As for the merits of the various wagon kits I agree, but lets not forget that we owe Dapol for making '0' gauge modelling possible for the less skilled and well heeled.

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    Final shot, this time on the layout.....A welcome addition to the fleet. Ugh... the handrails suffered a bit last night while adding weights...

    WEB Toad 23.jpg
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    With a natural desire for 'indoor' jobs to keep the old bones warm, more wagon kits are on their way after catching a bad case of Parkside-itis. With the need to correct the balance between Big four and BR designs and also build more 16T steel opens, these kits are just the tonic.

    A layout I greatly admire and is a constant source of inspiration, especially when it comes to coal wagons... Thanks PhilH....

    WEB Wagon 46.jpg
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    I would leave them a bit bent, I like them as they are, They look far more realistic like that, Pristine models look like models,
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    But beware the rivet counters at your peril!
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    Humph ! A lot of whom sit in an armchair !:)
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    And very reticent and hesitant when asked to produce qualifying evidence ! :)
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    Who says Toads are ugly ? Lovely job on the model Larry :thumbs: a welcomed addition to the fleet.

    Just to note, nothing here has pushed me over the edge ... yet !!! ;)

    Best regards
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    Hi Muddy', Dus tha mean thee hasn't gone 7mm yet? I trust you all had a good meet in Corwen yesterday. Sods Law that I had a clinic.

    16T Minerals; a Parkside on the left and a Peco on the right. Neatly weathered bodies by PhilH of this forum....
    WEB Minerals.jpg
    Image courtesy PhilH
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    Hi Larry, I am “cough cough” Bi-Gauge at the moment 4mm & 7mm ha ha.

    Yes we had a lovely meet up yesterday, there was plenty of noise, Oil Burners thrashing and kettles hissing.

    Best regards
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    Boredom relief......Adding Big Four wagons to the fleet to accurately convey the scene in mid to late 1950's.....
    WEB Wagon 46.jpg

    Opened the LMS box first. Ignoring the instructions about the 'T' strapping, I cut them off level with the bottom of the sides and glued them underneath. When set, they were filed to shape.....
    WEB Wagon 47.jpg

    Construction completed....
    WEB Wagon 48.jpg

    Too dark to spray so I raided PhilH's spares box and added a brake lever to a Dapol wagon. No brakes on one side is okay, but no lever either? Suppose I was pinning down brakes before descending into Man Vic and several wagons came along with no brake levers on my side....? Ugh...
    WEB Wagon 49.jpg
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    The GWR Vac-fitted 10' w.b ventilated van was done last night and built as a Dia. V23 with vacuum brakes. A neat touch are the door catches in upgraded kits...
    WEB Wagon 51B.jpg

    Photographed this morning before entering the sprayshop. The axleboxes freely slide up and down the W-irons, but they have yet to be tested on the layout....
    WEB Wagon 52.jpg
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  17. LarryG

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    The LMS D1832 van is now in BR matt grey and the chassis and roof are matt black with a light spray over in road dust. Weathering, a smelly job that requires window open, will be done tomorrow by which time I hope to have found a colour photo to determine the amount of body weathering...
    WEB Wagon 53.jpg
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    Why is it smelly? Are we talking lots of thinners & spraying?

    I’m trying to find my way into acrylics specifically to avoid that issue, but I’m much more comfortable with turps sub and Humbrol...

  19. LarryG

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    White spirit and enamels in a tin lid when brush weathering. Acrylics behave totally differently and are unsuited to my purpose.
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    Thanks Larry,

    I wouldn’t claim to achieve your results but we start in the same place.

    I’m trying to change my spots...

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