Dapol 08

Discussion in 'Talk' started by Ressaldar, 21 March 2016.

  1. Compton castle

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    Speaking To Richard he said they were under construction now. I suppose they could fly a batch over to save time.
  2. Temeraire

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    22-29 days depending on which port they ship out of and the service used....
  3. Scale7JB

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    Who's going to be brave enough to do the first S7 conversion?

  4. richard_t

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  5. 40126

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    I've got a green one on order with Hattons

    Steve :cool:
  6. Jordan

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    Ditto but Blue. :)
  7. adrian

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    Please don't turn this into a (RMWeb) MRJ thread. :'(
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  8. Andrew Thompson

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    For information

    I have received an e mail today that Hattons have taken delivery of O8 in blue wasp stripes . May be others just in case any one is interested .

  9. Osgood

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    Is that blue and black, or blue and yellow?

    Hat, coat, Smiley taxi.gif
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  11. Pugsley

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  12. daifly

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    I did find one but it's very rare!
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  13. DougT

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    The image shown on the Hattons website is the pre-tops BR blue un-numbered. The post-tops blue livery has the double arrow in the correct place as per the livery drawings on the Tower website.

    O gauge dapol wagons (it is the correct link...)

    Much un-necessary gnashing of teeth perhaps?
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  14. Pugsley

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    That was why I asked - as soon as I saw it I thought it was quite a rare livery variant. Little did I realise though (Thanks @DougT ) that there was another version with the arrow in the more common location.
  15. JasonBz

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    I have D3045 sat in its box next to me as I type.
    At first glance it appears to conform well to a picture of D3045 on the net......
  16. InvernessTMD

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    Apparently there is a wiring issue with the lights, in that as supplied they will only work correctly with the suggested Zimo decoder (ie, the one they are supplying in the sound fitted ones)... Not seen how to rectify it yet but standard 21 pin MTC decoders wont be able to control the lights fully (oh, and it needs 5 functions)
  17. Yorkshire Dave

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    A bit of a design flaw.... You would have thought the basic headlights would be designed for use with all decoders. It's the more unusual (if you can call them that) light requirements e.g. the US roads with their mars, gyralights, rotary beacons, ditch lights and the SBB headlight arrangements which require function mapping. I even surprised myself when I successfully mapped a ESU Loksound decoder for ditch lights to flash alternately when the horn was activated on a HO CN SD40-2W

    What Zimo decoder is being recommended and more curiously what are the headlight variations required? I've searched t'interweb and there doesn't appear to be a technical spec/user manual published.
  18. 3 LINK

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    ZIMO MX644D, but apart from that, I know nothing about DCC.

  19. InvernessTMD

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    Seen elsewhere that the model was due to have a 22 pin connection but it was changed, hence why some stuff doesn't work unless the Zimo decoder is used
  20. Ressaldar

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