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    I noticed this PDF instruction sheet on South West Digital's website yesterday, that may be of help to some, covering adjusting the wiring and other options for ESU decoders and the Dapol 08.
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    What a faff!

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    I think the switch on the pcb turns the cab light on/off, I thought it may have put the shunting lights on on DC, but I ahve been told they only work on DCC...
    Also, any idea why the motor has a ground connection?
    Mine is probably going to be modified to remove the door straps and leave only 2 lights at each end, and I will proabably then hard wire the lights into an ESU decoder
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    A couple of 08's turned up at Love Lane for conversion to S7.

    DSCF3587.JPG DSCF3588.JPG
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    If anyone is interested, this is my 08 fitted with a Zimo644 which I purchased directly from Paul Chetter (soundsloco@btinternet.com) and a Cube speaker, which I may change. .

    08_decoder (Medium).jpg

    All the lights work - just Plug 'n Play!

    08_lights (Medium).jpg

    Disclaimer (aagain): I have no commercial interest in SoundsLoco whatsoever, just a happy customer. Thanks Paul!

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  7. Yorkshire Dave

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    Is the red light a white/red bi-colour LED?
  8. SoundsLoco

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    That would be nice, and the decoder has enough 'open collector' Function Outputs to operate them individually, but sadly not.

    What can we reasonably expect for £200?

    Anyway, it leaves a bit of 'modelling' for us to tackle. LOL

    Kind regards,

  9. geoff_nicholls

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    i received mine (D3045 in blue) and tested it on the club track yesterday. It ran beautifully. Is anyone else thinking about a conversion to EWS red?
    Were there any 08's in EWS red with the long bonnet hinges? (apart from the cut-down ones)
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  11. Yorkshire Dave

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    Is that an LT waste ballast bogie wagon I spy in the foreground of the blue 08.......
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    It is, there's a rumour that London Transport have been surveying Love Lane with the intention of connecting it to the Tube network. :)
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    Mmmm.... lift the track and raise the ballast level in the station for the tube stock ;).
  14. eastsidepilot

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    Just enough :D

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    Just keep an eye out for the odd loco that are in a livery other than black or green ;)

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    Im happy to be proved wrong , but i dont think any others with the external hinge strapping survived long enough to get EWS livery. Im thinking mid 80s they fizzled out? It would be interesting to know what the longest survivors were.

  17. hrmspaul

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    Some remained in industrial use into the 1990s
    Sheerness Steel 2 Class 08 and 09 BR Shunters , industrials | 2 and 1 Class 08 and 09 BR Shunters , industrials | 1 = 08133 [1] Class 08 and 09 BR Shunters , industrials | 08216
    Middlesborough goods Class 08 and 09 BR Shunters , industrials | 08 Private
    Powell Duffryn Coal Prep Class 08 and 09 BR Shunters , industrials | 08113 [3]

  18. InvernessTMD

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    hmm, I was hoping to do mine as an Ipswich based loco but industrial would work if it saves hacking the body about... But then the crazy in me has an idea of marrying an MMP body to the Dapol chassis...
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  19. Mr Grumpy

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    Has anyone bought the 08 with sound pre-installed by Dapol?
  20. richard carr

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    I don't beleive they are available yet.