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  1. Temeraire

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    The new Roco Multimaus Wi-Fi 10813 might also be worth a look. I have a Lenz 90 set that i've had for years but not really used.
    I'm thinking it's time to switch my European N gauge operation to DCC so will be investigating this option.

    A Roco Z21 is also a consideration.
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  2. Stoke5D

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    I second this recommendation. It's compatible with your Lenz system. The best feature of this controller is that it has a centre off control knob - ideal for use with a shunter of course...

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  3. Simon

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    Another vote for the Multimaus, the wireless version especially is a terrific bit of kit:thumbs:

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  4. TheSnapper

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    Sell it and buy NCE - at least the display is comprehensible (ie in English...well, American).


    (I'll get me' anorak...)
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  5. Steph Dale

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    I don't see why not, it'd have about the same functionality as my other half's iPhone 5s.

    It's a reasonable DCC handset and flipping useless for making calls...

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  6. SimonT

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    TouchCab on your iPhone7 allows you to make calls and play with the trainset.
  7. 3 LINK

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    Hi Guys,

    Well after a busy day unblocking drains and taking the youngest down the park, I managed to summon up the courage and try and install Touch Cab. This job was mainly brought forward because of the problem of trying to understand how to access the function buttons on the Lenz LH90 handset, and the fact that I'm pretty useless at anything to complex.

    Well with a lot of help from a chap on here 250BOB ( thank you ) and the fact that the penny finally dropped, I can now control my locos from my phone or the iPad. And it is so easy to use I wished I had done it before, to chose any function you just have to swipe your finger across the screen, brilliant.

    And it also has the ability to operate both points and signals if you so desire.

    Below is a quick snippet to give an idea of what can be done. You will see the interior light go on followed by the shunting lights, and then a bit of flange squeal as the loco goes over the check rail, the video is not exactly steady as it turns out I was not born with enough hands : ) but it gives you an idea of what is possible and I'm surprised it hasn't really caught on, in my opinion it is a great bit of kit.

    Here is the larger version of the app on the iPad , ideal if your eyesight is not that good.



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  8. Neil

    Neil Western Thunderer

    What happens when you go for a 'coffee' before applying the paint.

    dutch 08.jpg
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  9. Yorkshire Dave

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    I always thought Delft were into pottery....
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  10. BrushType4

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    I've succumb and purchased a green 08 that I'd like to add a TOPS number too. The only examples I can find have the ladders removed. Can anyone tell me when the ladders were removed and has anyone got a picture of a Green TOPS numbered 08 with the ladders?
  11. Giles

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    I've now made and fitted the guard irons to my 08. They are of 20 thou nickel Silver (for my convenience) which I profile milled with my little Proxxon pantograph, having laser cut patterns twice the size. They are epoxied on to the back face of the frames. The rear ones are very straight forward (albeit 1.5mm shorter than the front) and just require some very gentle beale to align them with the rails. The front ones however, are obstructed by a pair of misplaced air tanks, which require the guard irons to currve tightly around them, before bending back in over the rail. The deviation doesn't notice in reality - only the final location over the rail head.

    On the whole, it is a job very well worth doing, as it fills out the underside visually.

    The loco frames have also had their initial weathering, and I have added a little basic brake dust around the brake shoes. It will get more oil, rust and brake dust.




    The screen wipers I painted with metallic gunmetal, which improves them. I also laser cut templates to go over the windows with holes in for drilling guides for fitting them.

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  12. adrian

    adrian Flying Squad

    It's obvious now that you mention but it is great to see how these tools can be used together.
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  13. isleofthanet

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    It looks very prototypical, reminds me of the 09 we have on the South Devon Rly. It was ticking over about a week ago in the station and it sounded like a bag of bolts until i noticed that all the access doors on the side were all so loose it was them making all the noise, not something one could easily model though!


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  14. Giles

    Giles Western Thunderer


    Guard Irons are now available - £4 plus £1 P&P (up to six etches)

    I've fitted a set to a Dapol 08 I just 'happened' to have lying around, and they fit fine.

    The Rear irons need a typical 'set' bending in to bring them over the rail head. The front pair need a curve bending in to wrap them around the mis-placed cylinder that is otherwise obstructing them, before bringing back over the rail head. There is sufficient length in the etch to take this into account.


    I use 90 second epoxy to fix the Irons, but anything appropriate will do.

    The scrap part of the etch is neatly 90 degrees, and can be used as squares for assembling kits or what-have-you, or for any other purposes.....

    If you'd like some, please Paypal me at giles@gilesfavell.com with the correct total, including your address (Paypal does not always include this)







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  15. Temeraire

    Temeraire Western Thunderer

    Payment sent for four sets Giles. It's the small details that brings these models to life.


    Edit: and duly arrived next morning! Excellent product and service.
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