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  1. GWR Jim

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    I have one of my B set coaches on my work bench upside down with one of its bogies ready to remove pending a rewheel to S7. However those crafty Chinese folk have placed a bit of a booby-trap therein by way of wires attached to the bogies for the car lighting. I am struggling to overcome this problem other than cutting the 4 wires leaving each car unlit!

    Has any list member come across this issue, is so how did you overcome it?

    Any suggestions or help to overcome this pain would be most welcome.

    Many thanks in anticipation.

  2. Yorkshire Dave

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    Any photos of said trap?

    My only experience was with an Atlas (China) O scale caboose. They did, however, mount the wiper pickups with screws making removal of the trucks easier. Mind you I still had to thread the pickup through the truck.

    In the end I discarded the lighting as a gimmick and also the truck frames were re-gauged toP48 anyway a new bolsters.
  3. GWR Jim

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    David, thanks for your thoughts.

    The wheels which must be on a shortest axle, I believe, are then pushed into a plastic tube. This provides the insulation between the bogie sides which are some made from sort of cast metal built around a plastic frame. Looking at the bogies they have brass bearings in this leads me to think the axles are pinpoints! The options I think I have are, 1. Cut wires and hope I can reconnect. 2. Carry out number 1 and forget lighting, 3. Hold centre of plastic sleeve the axles sit in and try and open out the wheels, it looks like this can be done as wheels treads look fineish, 4. Leave as Fine Scale and return to FS modelling!!

    Number 4 might be a good shout what with all the excellent models now coming out in FS.

    upload_2017-10-8_12-56-49.png upload_2017-10-8_12-58-12.png

    I will report back as I discover more!!!
  4. daifly

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    Since Richard Webster will have had more than a small hand in the production of the Dapol coach, I suspect that there may be some design commonality with the Lionheart Autotrailer. I documented my conversion here. I can't really see from your photos what is going on with the B-set!
  5. GWR Jim

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    Yes indeed he may well have. That said I found carrying out to conversation on the Auto a piece of cake compared to the B Set. I know you disregarded the lighting/ DCC'ing in yours. In short a very different animal. Bottom line is perhaps it is down to how much 'stuff' one is after in a conversation.
    I'm going down the road to Mark this coming Sat so will bring the set along for you, if you are in attendance, to cast your eye over.
  6. daifly

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    My presence is expected at a charity function in Thame on 14th so, sadly, I’ll miss Mark this year. Hope you find a solution. Don’t forget to tell us all about it when you do!

  7. GWR Jim

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    Hello Dave.

    I now have all four bogies off.

    I have, as a test, fitted a set of Peartree S7 wheels into one of the bogies but will not be going down this road as it would result it the lose of power to the lighting units.

    The Lionheart wheels have been separated and will be machined down to S7 standards.
    upload_2017-10-14_16-54-43.png upload_2017-10-14_16-54-5.png

    Will try and keep you up to date as I progress.