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  1. Dave

    Dave Western Thunderer

    It's some kind of nylon thread from a haberdashers. They call it invisible thread - no, I don't understand that either :rolleyes:

    Jordan is correct; it's Bloody Paralyser. I think it was Trenchard who said that he wanted "A Bloody Paralyser of an aeroplane" for strategic bombing.
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  2. Dave

    Dave Western Thunderer

    I suppose I should really post some photos of trains, instead of WW1 aircraft.

    The other end of my O gauge Colliery Layout. "Royal Oak Sidings", with the working wagon tippler in foreground.

    Back to the colliery end, with screens, washery. engine shed and weighbridge.
    The photos are cropped versions of some that were taken by Derek Shore for Railway Modeller and appeared in the magazine last April.
  3. Dave

    Dave Western Thunderer

    Here are a few snaps of my current work-in-progress. It's a mineral/light railway, set in the Calder Valley, in the West Riding, circa 1900. 4mm/OO.



  4. Dave

    Dave Western Thunderer

    Much more has been done to the layout in terms of scenery, so here are a few more recent shots.




  5. Osgood

    Osgood Western Thunderer

    The use of a layer of mist / fog towards the top of the painted valley backscene is a truly inspired piece of work!
  6. Dave

    Dave Western Thunderer

    The latest addition to the locomotive stock is this Neilson 12" mineral engine that I built from a High Level kit.



  7. Dave

    Dave Western Thunderer

    A few more recent shots . The layout itself is almost finished now.


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  8. ceejaydee

    ceejaydee Western Thunderer

    Fantastic layout but you really expect us to believe it is OO?
    Please share the secret of such fine looking trackwork ;)
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  9. Dave

    Dave Western Thunderer

    It's just standard Peco track.
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