7mm David Andrews Patriot.

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    Thanks again Ian. I was using this poor over exposed photo I found of 43924s preserved tender. The hinges on the drivers side shout now loud and clear now you've mentioned them.
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    At the risk of a hijack but for completeness, I have dismantled, painted and reassembled my model of British Legion:


    There was nothing really noteworthy about the build but I have given some details in captioned images on
    my webpage about British Legion.

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    Forgive me David, there's something not quite right about the look of the thing, although I should hasten to add it's not a criticism of the modelling but of the LMS design office. Bluntly the boiler is overlong for the frames making, to my eyes, the front end look as though buffer stops got in the way. A nameplate on the front splasher always looks odd to me as well. I don't doubt it's all dimensionally accurate though. I wonder if Crewe had a surprise telegram from Mr Thompson cos it looks like his pencil had a go at it.
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    The loco was built with frames slightly longer than the rest of the Royal Scot class, and when re-built in 1935 it was fitted with the Type 2 boiler. The Patriot, Royal Scot and Jubilee re-builds had the Type 2A boiler, because they were shorter. I think most of the problems with how it looks are down to the angle of the outside steam pipes, they just look wrong.
    The nameplate is on the leading splasher, as that is where Fury's nameplate was.

    However.....looking more closely at David's build, it does seem that the front of the firebox is forward of the centre line of the middle axle, where it should be above this line.

    The use of a wide angle lens doesn't aid matters either....sorry David ! :oops:

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    Not to worry, Ian. It's perfectly adequate for me, and there are more things 'wrong' with it than that ;) - I'm never overly concerned about such historical inaccuracies. It's finished now so I'll move on to other things (such as working on other modellers' job that have been waiting whilst I finally finished it off). David
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    True but the front of the smokebox seems to have the right "overhang" so yes the balance seems a tad out but the overall length seems out - perhaps it is the camera distorting the perspective. I'm sure if it thundered past me with 12 on then I don't think I'd notice. :thumbs:
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    It may well be, Adrian. I noticed that the front of the firebox was not in line with the centre of the centre splasher when I was building it; I assumed that, although David Andrews included alternative parts for the loco in orignal condition, there was only etchings for the later boiler and firebox. However, the rest looked about right to me but, anyway, right or wrong, it's perfectly adequate for me (a model engineer, rather than a railway modeller).

    No, me neither but it's sitting on a shelf now and will likely stay there for a while as I have no model railway to run it on.

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