DCC++ experiences?

Discussion in 'Techniques' started by 76043, 4 November 2019.

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    Having had an Arduino Uno kicking around for some time doing nothing, I read up on DCC++

    DCC Plus Plus - DCCWiki

    It uses the Uno and a motor shield, so I bought the motor shield.

    It interfaces with JMRI which can use the DigiTrainsPro android app, so just wondered if anyone has gone down a similar route to this before? I'm pretty savvy with sorting out all this stuff and don't wish to spend hundreds on a bells and whistle (ha ha!) system.

    I'm interested in this for a 7mm Dapol 08 powered shunting plank, so the ability to expand is not necessary. I would have just used DC for this, but do like the idea of the possibility of lights and sound on the 08.

    So far all in costs are less than £50 which suits me.

    I tried searching on DCC++ but the forum software says my search keywords were too short, too long, or too common.

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    Thanks for that rabbit-hole, very interesting project. I’m trying to do other stuff with Arduinos at present, or I’d get lost down there for years!

    Please do post your progress
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    I will, I have all the parts now, including a Zimo non-sound decoder for the 08. Was only £20 so worth it for testing purposes.

    Could be interesting if I can get it to work with my phone.