Diesel bashing

Discussion in 'Area 51' started by Cliff Williams, 11 December 2016.

  1. markjj

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    MOK kits.. Far better than any diesel kit or RTR lol ;-) open the box you won't regret it...
  2. Cliff Williams

    Cliff Williams Western Thunderer

    I haven’t seen many shots of the MOK King Arthur finished, any lurking on here?

    With the first outing of Newhurst on DCC to Railex 2019 I best get some 1960s Southern battered together.
    Also on the lookout for some guest operators for the show.
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  3. Cliff Williams

    Cliff Williams Western Thunderer

    It’s official. I have had enough of 37 bogies.
    Five locos worth of brakegear, 360 brake components .

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  4. Heather Kay

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  5. Temeraire

    Temeraire Western Thunderer

    Just building a split box 37/0 myself so interesting to see someone else doing similar.

    Will swipe the idea of adding the brake piping to the bogie frames if I can work out where it runs!
  6. Cliff Williams

    Cliff Williams Western Thunderer

    You should find all that you need for your 37 bogie brake pipes in flickr page for the restoration of 37403 at Bo'ness SRPS Diesel Group.
    37 403 Isle of Mull
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  7. Cliff Williams

    Cliff Williams Western Thunderer

    Another folder of 37 bogie shots should it be handy.
    37703 Detail
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  8. Yorkshire Dave

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    Wot :eek:.... late 1960's battered? Single the line, raze the station buildings, add a bus shelter, turn the good yard into a car park and drain the canal. Not forgetting the 3rd rail and an early blue 2-EPB ;).

    With a name like Newhurst it really ought to be ex-LBSCR and SECR stock :), however, a third rail and some BR(S) green 2-Bil and 2-Hal units would look good though.
  9. AJC

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    I'm not quite sure what Newhurst is meant to represent, presumably somewhere in the New Forest? If the mainline much of the track was relaid in flatbottom by the early '60s and much relaid again prior to electrification. What are the station buildings based on?

    Eh? The place name element, 'Hurst' just means wooded hill in Old English (so as a really historic place name, Newhurst doesn't make an awful lot of sense: what could be new about it? It could be some sort of later settlement, most likely Norman or Victorian but chances are not in between*). Though most common across southern England from Somerset and Gloucestershire to Kent - though most common in Hampshire and Sussex - there are examples across England as far north as Northumbria.

    http://kepn.nottingham.ac.uk/map/place/Dorset/Hurst (click on the 'places with the same element' tab - note that the site isn't comprehensive so Brockenhurst, for example, isn't there).


    * I'm a medieval historian by trade - my chronological frame of reference is quite broad... :p
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  10. John K

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  11. Cliff Williams

    Cliff Williams Western Thunderer

    Rob and John who built the layout came up with Newhurst as a name from the NEW Forest and LyndHURST , more info on the layout is here: 'NEWHURST'
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  12. P A D

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    Fantastic refference photos Cliff.

    I took pot loads of photos of Bittern just at Ropley just after restoration. I must post them some time as they will be useful for anybody building the A4.
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  13. AJC

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  14. Temeraire

    Temeraire Western Thunderer

    Thanks Cliff - Much appreciated!
  15. Cliff Williams

    Cliff Williams Western Thunderer

    A few more shots have uploaded to Flickr from the phone for 37 bogie detail.
    37703 Detail
  16. Cliff Williams

    Cliff Williams Western Thunderer

    Back on diesels for a change, alternating between full sized 47 643 and an MM1 47 as 47461 Charles Rennie Mackintosh which will be in Scotrail livery.
    A few mods to get it correct for the era, as well as modifying plough brackets, handy when you are intimate with the real thing.

    Lovely kit one of the best ones produced by Laurie.

    E2F01CC3-DEF7-4FCC-81D9-FFE5979BDB12.jpeg B6D3D1DF-45CE-494B-A6D7-74B2C9CDEAC0.jpeg EF736096-5663-4594-BCE9-C4EF83EB3962.jpeg 8A0C8D6F-CC21-415E-B04F-71F85F9DF956.jpeg
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  17. Cliff Williams

    Cliff Williams Western Thunderer

    The new Accurascale HUOs do run very sweetly - some phone footage shot in 4K although some will be lost on youtube.
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  18. Cliff Williams

    Cliff Williams Western Thunderer

    Some diesel bogie painting for 24069, 37183, 37401, 37408 and a spare set thrown in for the future 37403 - can’t beat modelling a loco that is in service after helping with a bit of 1:1 modelling on it.
    1F735ED7-FC40-4E3C-90C5-C1AC90DB4C96.jpeg 5647A6F3-5AC5-43EB-878E-C9BB18EC1474.jpeg

    Doing a bit of 1:1 25 235 bogie bashing was a good incentive to get back on to painting the bogies.
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  19. Cliff Williams

    Cliff Williams Western Thunderer

    Winter is coming so best get ready...

    JLTRT kits ready for some varnish now.

    Oh and no prizes for spotting the "earth fault!"
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  20. paulc

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    Hi Cliff , actually it was the mineral wagon in the background that got my attention, was that what you meant?
    Love the 37 , my all time favorite in diesels and look so good in that livery .
    Cheers Paul
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