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Discussion in 'Techniques' started by TheSnapper, 10 September 2018.

  1. TheSnapper

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    Does anyone have any experience/guidance about installing an ESU 54678 Digital Smoke Unit with a Loksound XL v.4 decoder, into a diesel loco?
    I have the German leaflet that came with the kit and the SWD unofficial translation, but neither is getting through to me! I also have a Lokprogrammer.
    Cliff perhaps?

  2. Yorkshire Dave

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    Hi Tim

    The official ESU instructions are available as a download from ESU. Use your usual search engine for 01515-16039 Raucherzeuger XL ESUKG EN....... The instructions are in English.

    Edit - ESU guide attached
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  3. TheSnapper

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    Thanks Dave!

    Now why didn't I think of doing that.....?