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    I've never really been one to frequent loco sheds - they don't hold that much appeal to me - but some of the ephemera that survives around former railway sites are always of some interest and here is exactly the kind of entrance route described in the loco' shed guides for spotters of the 1950s. Just an anonymous path?

    Yeovil_Cardiff 027.gif
    This was the foot entrance into Yeovil Town shed - all the brick retaining walls are about ten years old, associated with the redevelopment of Yeovil's 'Old Station car park'. The fence, however, has been there rather longer.

    Yeovil_Cardiff 028.gif

    Lest there be any doubt, at the top of the slope, the remains of a gate (still in Southern Region cream) and a few bits of Exmouth Junction's most typical concrete fence panel.

    Yeovil_Cardiff 029.gif

    Yeovil_Cardiff 031.gif

    Finally, lost among the trees for much of the year, another Exmouth Junction Concrete Works product:

    Yeovil_Cardiff 032.gif

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