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    It's now going a bit scattergun, maybe that's lockdown for you. Another project that made progress this week is detailing a Dublo class 20. I've realised the 8F and 4MT aren't suitable as they sound like a diesel when on the layout, the feedback makes them really growl, plus they are little long, so I had the class 20 in mind as it's shorter and has a sweet running motor unit, but the gearing at 18:1 is poor.

    The loco was unveiled in both full size and model form in 1957. For 1957 the model is dimensionally accurate and reasonably detailed. The plastic body tooling was farmed out by Meccano to a company in Birmingham. First thing is to sort out the 18:1 gearing, step forward Ultrascale's 46:1 gear set.

    IMG_20200611_153109.jpg IMG_20200611_192021.jpg
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    That looks like a direct replacement - did you hit lucky or was there a bit more work attached to the fitting?

    Mick S.
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    Well, the long story is that I attempted to measure the gear centres with a steel rule and ordered some 40:1 Romford gears, based on their gear centre spec. There was a 1mm gap between the gears. Doh!

    I then took the chassis apart more thoroughly and measured with my Vernier calipers. I looked up all the gear tables on the Ultrascale website, picked the 46:1 and hoped for the best.

    This time it worked!

    I would have been annoyed if it didn't. I put the thing back together this morning, oiled and remagged and it's very slow and controllable with my Medvend test controller, so feedback should be excellent.

    Now I can move onto the body itself.

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    I do like this, Tony.

    It also appears you had a lucky escape. Seems that we were both down to be at the Exe show.

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    Thank you very much Rob, I hope my scenery gets somewhere (anywhere!) near to what you have achieved.

    Yes, I was very sad about EXE MRC, was hoping to have a little holiday down there at the same time too. Still, they have put me down for next year, so hopefully we'll meet then.

    Speaking of cancellations, I've had Luton, Exe, Olney, Silvefox and Sudbury all go "south", I am desperately hoping my layout plaque collection will increase next year.


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    Finally got the five roof trusses finished, they just take a bit of time to make. Especially when you double the length of the building, you go from requiring two to five. Four layers of cardboard are in each truss.

    I need to work out some bracing as the building is quite long and will need support to stop it warping, these trusses are not up to the job of support.

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    A review of the timetable has allowed a parcels train to be slotted in at the beginning and end of the session. My research on Birmingham Central revealed that in the latter years the depot started to handle parcels, so I'm on fairly safe ground. It also allows Peter Denny's 'Mail and Milk' train to be fully reproduced, albeit separated into two more modern trains as must have no doubt been the case as practice changed over the years.

    A resprayed BR CCT was the final jigsaw in that puzzle, the rest being made some time back. The class 20 is awaiting buffers before it goes into the paint shops.

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    One day I'll see sense and start building those O gauge shelf queen wagon kits. Until then, I'm sticking with adding handrail knobs and sprung buffers to a Dublo type 1. The handrail knobs are sleeved with a small 2mm long section of brass tube so they fit snugly in the existing holes. Actually soldered for some reason I have now regretted. The huge screw that sits on the roof has been milliputt'd and the fixing screw now goes up inside the body from underneath into a nut in the milliput.


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    Ok, so the O gauge kits are still on the shelf, the Class 20 is progressing, even a Bachmann late BR brake van is being resprayed to 50s condition.

    Then, wham! I saw this in Model Junction, Bury St Edmunds for £60. It has a Gaugemaster DCC chip. Have already had it apart to see how I can fit three rail skates and rewire for DC...


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    Ok, no posting here for a while, but plenty going on. First up, the perishable depot roof is progressing nicely, all the slates are on, so time to attach to the building.


    Next, the painting of the class 20 was completed before the weather turned, four colours, all rattle can sprayed, masked up using Tamiya tape, very impressed with the tape, no overspray. Took a couple of days to do all the masking. Details, flush glazing and transfers to fit next, followed by some weathering when I have had some practice.


    Then the reworked Wrenn shunter with Romford wheels and Bachmann sideframes took on a decidedly more finished look. I sprayed the body and milled the chassis with my Proxxon drill/mill to accept the Bachman side frames as per the lower shots. I definitely need to thin down the coupling rods.




    So there you have it, lots going on.

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    I'm very happy with the trial fitting of the roof on the depot.


    But before it goes on, I need to put some loads inside it.


    These are from Scale Model Scenery, they go together nicely. They also do other crates. I have some milk churns and will make some sacks from DAS or Milliput.

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    The Type 1 is progressing nicely. All the handrails are now on, a new ladder soldered on from signal post ladder and the first flush glazing is in as is the first lot of transfers. Don't know what happened to the forward facing drivers windows...

    IMG_20201017_141755.jpg IMG_20201017_223802.jpg

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    Finished, glazing and transfers done. Next, I have to start practicing weathering on some unsuspecting wagon, then will be looking at toning this down as it's just too shiny.


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    In one way it's a shame as it has the appearance of the latest loco purchased for the layout and fits is with the wagons and vans.

    On the other hand if it does require toning down I'd mask the glazing and airbrush a coat of satin varnish to see if this lets it down far enough before attempting any weathering. The satin varnish will also act a a key for the weathering.

    Of course the alternative is to leave it on a windowsill and let the sun/UV light do the fading - assuming it's a die-cast body. :)
  15. 76043

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    Thanks Dave, weathering is one area I have struggled with conceptually. As you rightly point out the wagons and vans are not weathered. I had it in mind that as half of the wagons on the layout are rebuilds/kit bashes of Dublo items, these could have some light weathering applied. The stock Dublo items, in some cases slightly collectable items would stay as they are.

    The Type 1 could be weathered to a few months old state I think, but you are right, a quick blow with satin varnish would be a good start. The body is plastic, it was Hornby's first injection moulded body.